9 Signs Someone Is About To Betray You

Have you ever been betrayed? Did you see it coming? If not, have you ever wished you could tell if someone was going to betray you? As much as we want to give people the benefit of the doubt, being betrayed is more common than many of us would like. Between romantic and platonic relationships, have you ever felt like betrayal is unavoidable? While you can’t control how other people act, did you know there are ways to tell when someone is going to betray you? They’re subtle and easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for, so here are 9 signs someone is about to betray you.  

1. They’re only there when it’s convenient for them  

Have you ever had a friend that was only there whenever there was something they wanted? They’re there for you when you’re having fun, but the second you need their comfort and support, they’re suddenly busy. While it’s hard to accept, people who do this generally don’t care about you or your feelings. They’re not real friends, meaning they’re likely to betray you when there’s nothing else to gain. If you’ve noticed someone doing this to you, you may want to reconsider your friendship and find some friends who truly care about you. 

2. They’ve begun to act out of character  

Have you ever thought you knew someone, but then they started to do things you would’ve never expected? For example, your shy and reserved friend suddenly begins to hang out with a more popular friend group, so their behavior and mannerisms transform completely. While people change every day, sudden and drastic changes could mean that your friend has reinvented themselves and isn’t the same person they once were. They could be more inclined to betray you as part of their new persona. 

3. They’ve begun to distance themself from you 

Have you ever noticed anyone pulling away from you? It could be unfollowing you on social media or making up excuses to avoid you. While there could be other reasons for this, it’s a big sign they’re preparing to betray you. Putting distance between you two generally means they’re becoming less emotionally invested in you, meaning they could be pulling away to avoid the guilt of betraying you afterwards. 

4. They begin to give you underhanded, insincere compliments  

Has anyone ever said, “You actually look nice today,” or, “I would’ve never expected it, but did surprisingly well,” to you? While they may sound like compliments, if you look a little deeper, they’re underhanded jabs. People often speak this way when they’re jealous of you and want to bring you down without being obvious about it. If you’ve noticed someone doing this, it’s likely they don’t truly like you and are more inclined to betray you.  

5. They talk badly about you behind your back  

Have you ever accidentally heard someone gossiping about you? Maybe it’s a friend who gossips about others to you, but you’d never think they’d do the same about you. Much like giving insincere compliments, someone insulting you behind your back is a huge sign they’re jealous of you and are trying to get others to dislike you as well. It’s not only a big indicator of a fake friend, but it’s a sign someone is capable of and likely to betray you.

6. They tell many small lies  

Have you ever caught someone in a white lie? While it may not seem like a big deal, telling small lies is a steppingstone to telling larger and more important lies. If someone is lying about minor things like where they got something or who they talked to, they have the capability to lie about bigger things. A genuine person wouldn’t lie even about small things because trust and communication are key factors in any relationship. 

7. They dodge your questions  

Has anyone ever answered your questions with, “Fine,” or another question? Much like telling small lies, it may not seem like a huge issue, but it’s a big sign they’re not trustworthy and have something to hide. Avoiding your questions generally means someone is preparing to or already has betrayed you. 

8. They conceal their phone from you  

Picture this: You’re with someone who’s constantly on their phone, but the second you glance over to see what they’re looking at, they flip their phone down and pull it away from you. People who are that adamant about hiding their phone from you probably have a reason why. It’s a secretive and distrusting habit, meaning it’s probably a good sign they’ll betray your trust and confidence.

9. They change account passwords you know  

Has anyone ever removed your fingerprint from their phone without telling you? It’s a big indicator they no longer trust you and are pulling away from you. There’s also probably a reason why they don’t want you to have access to their accounts anymore, which hints that there’s something they’re hiding. If someone you know has recently begun to hide their information, they could be preparing to betray you.  

The most important thing to remember about betrayal is that it isn’t your fault. You cannot control how others act, so all you can do is try to avoid people who betray others. Do you think these 9 signs will help you do that? Have you ever encountered these in real life? Feel free to comment your experiences, input, or suggestions!  

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