9 Signs That Someone May Be Emotionally Attracted To You

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Emotional attraction can mean different things to different people and emotional attraction can present in friendships as well as romantic relationships. People can have an emotional attraction to their friends but may not wish to pursue a romantic relationship with that person.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the signs of emotional attraction in potential romantic relationships. It is important to say that just because these are some of the signs of emotional attraction, it may not mean that if you feel somebody is showing these signs, they are wishing to pursue a romantic relationship with you. This is something you would be advised to discuss with the individual to see if you are on the same page. 

With that being said, here are 9 signs that someone may be emotionally attracted to you.

You feel like the other person ‘gets you’. Feeling like somebody truly understands you, how you think and how you feel, can be a good sign that there is a developing deep emotional connection. Having the ability to communicate easily, freely and without judgement can feel like the other person is nurturing and understands you on a deeper level.

They speak highly of your qualities and personality to you and others. If they tell you the things that they really like about you and express this to other people, this can be a sign that the other person is emotionally attracted to you. When people are emotionally attracted to others, they can’t help but find small quirks and things which make them unique, endearing.

You have long conversations which may last for hours. Communication is highly important in any relationship, so if you find yourself being on the phone together for long periods of time or speaking in person, this is usually a good sign of emotional attachment. They will encourage conversation and want to make the effort to keep that communication as open as possible with you. Even just taking the time to ask about your day, shows that they are interested and there is a level of emotional investment.

They tell you that they are thinking about you. If they openly tell you that they have been thinking about you when you are not together or thinking about what you have spoken about together, this may be a sign of an emotional attachment. It could be possible that they are remembering the way that you make them feel and the things you said which has had an impact on them and their ability to build an emotional attachment.

They like spending time with you but also give you space. One of the most obvious signs that they are emotionally attracted to you is not only wanting to spend time with you, but enjoying and valuing the time you spend together. Using their free time during the day and suggesting things to do together may indicate that you are considered as important to them. They also give you space to do your own thing and respect that without getting upset about it and looking forward to seeing you when you are both free next.

They value your opinions and most of life values appear to be in sync. If the other person welcomes you into their personal life and shares their opinions and values with you, this is often a good sign that they are developing an emotional attachment to you. It can show that they feel comfortable around you. If they encourage you to express your opinions, thoughts and feelings without judgment, regardless of whether they agree with you or not, can show a level of emotional compatibility. On the other hand, if they also challenge you, this does not always mean that they are opposing your views, but rather, they want to explore this more with you. Being interested in other views can show openness. When they share similar views on family, work and fundamental beliefs, your bond becomes stronger and could develop into a long term relationship if this is what you both mutually would like.

They are comfortable being vulnerable around you. Being vulnerable is not something which comes easy to everybody, so when that happens, that is a significant sign that you are able to develop that emotional connection deeper and enhancing the attraction. Allowing that person to let their guard down will help them feel at ease and supported and vice versa.

They express an interest in meeting your family and friends and vice versa. With emotional attachment, if a person wants  to meet your family and friends and wants you to meet theirs, this could be a good indicator of a strong emotional attachment between you both.

They want to commit to you, without pushing commitment onto you. Often people are not afraid of commitment, but rather it is the fear of committing to the wrong person. If the person you are seeing expresses that they want to be committed to you but will not push you into a commitment, this is a strong indicator they feel a strong emotional connection which they would like to hold on to.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have found it interesting. If you have any feedback, please leave comments in the box below. We love to hear your feedback and want to continue working towards Psych2Go’s mission to make Psychology and Mental Health accessible to everybody. 

Keep safe and watch this space for more upcoming articles. 

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