9 Subtle Signs a Taurus Woman Is Done With You

A Taurus woman is very difficult to apprehend because they are not good at confrontations. So when they are done with the relationship their action will tell it for itself. You will have to ascertain from her actions that it is over.

When a Taurus woman is hurt, you can sense that from her conversation style, body language signs. She is not arrogant who will come to a duel for her discomfort in the relationship rather she will ghost you. Taurus is stubborn and slow moving so it takes time for them to come to a decision.

So if you are dating a Taurus woman or seeing her or have a crush on, then you must read these obvious sign of a Taurus woman is done with you.

She will pursue you:

If she is interested in you she will pursue you, she will do sweet things and try to impress you. As long as she likes or loves you these things will never stop. She will show that she cares for you. But when it stops or if she has never done anything of this sort then you must pay attention to her. This is sure sign of getting over with you.


The very first sign is their way of communication. The conversation will be limited, very short, vague or may be very formal kind of. When they are done with you, you will be very lucky to get a conversation out of them. If you pick any vibe that is similar to this then there is every chance that the she doesn’t like you anymore.

Stops inviting you to Home:

Home is everything for a Taurus woman and if they don’t invite you anymore to their home, it’s a red flag. Home is their personal space where all love and good things happen and they give a great deal of priority to it. She doesn’t want you in her personal space anymore and that is one of the subtle sign she is not interested anymore.

Very Blunt:

She will not think twice before hurting you sentiments. Though Taurus is generally blunt but this looks more prominent when they are over with you. They don’t care about you anymore. She will not care how his comments sound because she doesn’t like you anymore. They become disrespectful because they are upset and angry about the relationship. When a Taurus woman is in love the last thing she wants is to hurt you.

No More Gifts:

The way a Taurus woman expresses their love for someone is by buying them gifts. Most of the Taurus is like that but not all. They will shower you with gifts they know you like. A Taurus is smart to guess whether you like chocolates or flowers or gadgets. This is their best of saying I love you.

Suddenly Disappears:

A Taurus will disappear when they are not willing to extend their relationship with you. One morning you will find that she has just disappeared from your life. She will stop texting you and will avoid your calls.

They Follow A Routine:

Taurus is predictable with their routine, when they are interested in you, care about you or fall in love with you. They will always try to impress you like cook for you or do things that will please you. When you see a change in this behaviour it can be a sign of falling out of love.

She is Not Ready:

She may be not ready to make this into a relationship because she is not yet thinking of a serious relationship. She might be thinking of a career than a relationship. A Taurus woman feel contained all their life until she settles down. Sometimes they think you are holding them back from where they want to reach in life. In these cases they will like to move on in the relationship.

She is angry:

She is irritated and doesn’t take your advice or listens to it. They act stubborn and have their ways of doing things. Unless they feel you are worth it they will accept you otherwise don’t. If you encourage her to change or force her to change where she want no part of then she will be annoyed and cranky around you.


A Taurus woman is very caring and has motherly nature but when she is angry you will have a hard time convincing her. When you see any changes in her behavioural signs give more attention to her.

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