9 Traits of Magnetic Personalities

Have you ever wondered why some people can attract others to them? It is because they have magnetic personalities. These people have specific traits that others find attractive and that make others feel welcomed. 

Not everyone has a magnetic personality but we can acquire it with a little practice. With magnetic people, there is a connection that energizes you instead of draining you, even after the magnetic person has left. 

If you want to know how they do it, here are 9 traits that magnetic people have developed and that help you in your relationships and everyday life. 

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1. They are Present

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Magnetic people have the distinct trait of always being present and living in the moment. Because they live in the moment, they fully enjoy the activities they are engaging in. A feeling that can be felt by other people, especially if they are engaging with this magnetic person. 

The magnetic person will, by extension, make you feel seen, heard, important, and appreciated. Added to that, a person who is present is more likely to have high levels of productivity, creativity, and a better ability to make decisions according to an article on Facile Things. 

The article adds that “Companies like Google and Facebook offer their employees courses on mindfulness, meditation, and various breathing techniques so they can re-learn to pay attention to the moment they’re in”.

The article continues, “People who can focus their attention on ‘the now’ are more flexible, can easily overcome workday stress and restore order after a chaotic situation, enjoy getting things done, make better decisions, have better relationships, and produce more.”

2. They are Vulnerable

Have you noticed that when people are vulnerable you feel more connected to them? This is because by being vulnerable, we are showing others our real selves. When we show others who we truly are, with no strings attached, we automatically feel closer to them. We may even be inspired to become vulnerable as well. 

Moreover, being vulnerable shows strength in the fact that by recognizing and accepting ourselves as we are, at the same time, we do not fall prey to outside expectations or manipulations. 

So, in our eyes, vulnerable people are strong. And because of this, we aspire to be like them or be close to them. 

Other benefits of being vulnerable, according to Eugene Therapy, are building empathy, the ability to work through our emotions, resilience, better connections and relationships. 

In an article about vulnerability, Eugene Therapy states that “with vulnerability, we build empathy. We can let down our walls, understanding and sharing feelings easier, and encouraging others to do the same. In turn, we become more understanding, willing to forgive others, and willing to give love to others.”

 “Being vulnerable can help us to work through our emotions easier (rather than pushing them away)”, says the article, “Vulnerability fosters good emotional and mental health.

Vulnerability also is a sign of courage. We become more resilient and brave when we embrace who we truly are and what we are feeling.”

“Lastly”, the article says, “being vulnerable can help us foster better connections and relationships with others. It helps us to find people who will accept us for who we truly are.”

3. They are genuine and authentic

Photo Credit/Pexels

Have you ever wondered why we are attracted to genuine people? In an article for Psychology Today, licensed psychologist Guy Winch Ph.D., states that there are three reasons why genuine and authentic people are more appealing than “fake” people. 

The first one is truth and honesty. According to Winch, “we are much more likely to trust a genuine person than a fake one because we believe those who are true to themselves are also likely to be truer and more honest with us”. 

The second reason is that we associate being genuine with being strong of character and being emotionally resilient. “And correctly so”, says Winch, “as being true to yourself takes confidence, tenacity, and often even bravery”.

The final reason Winch gives for people finding authenticity appealing is that people are normally attracted to uniqueness and individuality. 

“Qualities genuine people usually have in spades”, says Winch.

4. They have a good sense of Humor

Laughter has been proven to open the doors to people and relationships. It is known to create connections and put people at ease, helping them drop their walls and become more open. Humor that is positive and uplifting can have this effect. 

The opposite is true of humor that is self-deprecating, critical, judgemental, and meant to humiliate others. This type of humor pushes people away as no one likes to be made feel worthless. 

This is why people with magnetic personalities tend to distance themselves from this type of negative humor and instead focus on humor that makes people feel good about themselves and the people around them. 

5. They are Creative

Photo Credit/ Ovan

Do you ever wonder why creative people can touch others with their art? Creative people can see things from different perspectives, enabling them to empathize with all parts and at the same time come up with solutions that are fair to all parties. 

They understand new ideas and concepts, that make others feel seen. And because they are open-minded, they do not judge others for their beliefs or feelings. Instead, they validate us and make us feel like we are not alone in the world. 

This comfort, non-judgemental attitude, and validation create a place where people can feel safe and seen. Anyone with these qualities is automatically magnetic because of the radical acceptance they offer the rest of us. 

6. They are naturally curious 

Are you curious about the world and the people around you? According to an article in the Greater Good Magazine, curiosity helps people feel closer as well as protects people from negative social experiences. 

The article states that people who are curious make other people feel closer to them, can cope better with rejection, are less aggressive, and foster more positive social experiences. 

“Because curious people are motivated to learn and understand different viewpoints, rather than judging others”, the article states, “being curious may help in conflict situations and get others to open up, as well as make positive and stronger connections”. 

7. Healthy Optimism

Photo Credit/ Helena Lopes

Optimism usually attracts people because, in a sense, it gives hope. Psychologist Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., says in an article that for people who are optimists “negative events are more likely to roll off of their back while positive events affirm their belief in themselves, their ability to make good things happen now and in the future, and the goodness of life”.

This view of life, according to Scott, benefits the believer in various ways. For example, studies have shown that optimistic people have better health, have more achievements, don’t give up easily, have better emotional health, and are more likely to positively handle future setbacks; lived longer, and had less stress. 

According to Scott, optimists also can help others with their thought processes. 

“Using a practice called cognitive restructuring”, says Scott, “you can help yourself and others become more optimistic by consciously challenging negative, self-limiting thinking and replacing it with more optimistic thought patterns”. 

8. Good communicators

Magnetic people are often good communicators. They listen intently putting all of their attention on you and making you feel heard. They only talk when it is necessary and don’t overdo it. 

They invite people into their personal space with their open body language, make other people feel warm by smiling and are present throughout their interaction with you keeping a soft but focused eye contact, according to The 1 Thing. 

The 1 Thing also states that making others feel welcomed and exuding the ability to get things done also attracts people. Magnetic people not only know how to communicate using words but also their body language and personal energy. 

Another factor in communication is that magnetic people are good observers and can detect changes in other people’s body language and tone of voice. Making them good people readers who act in accordance to what they can perceive. 

9. Well-Versed and Knowledgable 

Because of their curiosity, magnetic people tend to research and know about vast amounts of topics. This helps them interact and connect with different people based on their likes. 

Having a vast amount of knowledge over a subject also signals to people that the magnetic person is well-versed and interested in the world around them. This makes them less prone to fall for a lie and able to keep up a conversation. 

Do you identify with any of these points or know someone like this? Tell us in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

Photo Credit/ George Milton


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