9 Traits That Show You Have Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity doesn’t come easy, and it’s something a lot of us struggle with for years. Maturity is more than just a matter of age. It’s about knowing how to take criticism; feeling secure in your own sense of self-worth; looking at things through someone else’s eyes; letting your head rule your heart, and maintaining a sense of peace and control over your life.

Maturity is all about the way you act and how you treat others. It’s all about understanding that while you may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, you can control your attitude and the way you deal with it. It speaks volumes about your character as a person and goes a long way in strengthening your relationships.

Do you think you have the qualities needed to call yourself an emotionally mature person? Here are 9 traits that show emotional maturity in someone:

1. You’re in control of your emotions

Instead of being easily flustered, quick to get upset, and losing your temper a lot, a mature person knows how to keep their emotions in check. They have control over their feelings rather than letting it control them, and so, they’re usually level-headed and calm under pressure. They don’t let the little things get to them and they don’t let whatever is happening around them disturb their sense of inner peace.

2. You take responsibility for your actions

People don’t really grow up unless they learn how to hold themselves accountable for the things they do. If you’re emotionally mature, you understand that there are consequences to every choice you make. You don’t try to pin the blame on others when something goes wrong in your life because you are aware of how your own actions and decisions have led you down this path.

3. You stay down-to-earth and humble

Nobody’s perfect, and nobody has all the answers in life; you never let yourself forget that. No matter how successful or accomplished you’ve become, you are still aware of all your flaws and how you fall short times. You stay humble and down-to-earth because you know that there will always be room for you to grow and more for you to learn in life. You don’t let yourself be blindsided by your pride or your ego, and you know how to admit to your mistakes or ask for help when you need it.

4. You’re grateful for what you have

Gratitude is an integral part of what makes someone emotionally mature. When you make a conscious effort to practice gratitude in your life, you start to realize how much you have to be thankful for. You become more appreciative of what you have and stop complaining so much about what you don’t have. You no longer take things for granted because you know how fortunate you are, and how so many people out there would love to be in your shoes.


5. You’re considerate and empathetic

It takes a lot of maturity for someone to be able to look at things from another person’s point of view, especially when it clashes with their own, but you do your best to be considerate of others and empathize with their situation. You think about how your words or actions will affect them and how it would make them feel, and you are always careful not to overstep any boundaries. You know how to put others first when you need to, and you’re willing to compromise so everyone gets along.



6. You’re true to who you are

An emotionally mature individual accepts themselves for who they are. They love and respect themselves enough not to change themselves for anyone else. They embrace their flaws and embrace their true self, living life authentically and without pretence. They don’t wear a mask or put up a false front to impress other people, because they are open, genuine, and honest about who they really are.

7. You have honesty and integrity

You’re a person of strong moral fibre, and you put a lot of value in your character. Like many other mature people, you’re devoted to your values and virtues. You do your best to be honest, even if the truth might hurt you or make things difficult for you. You don’t lie, cheat, or steal from other people because you know the value of human decency and hard work.

8. You’re open-minded and understanding

Do people easily open up to you about their secrets and problems? If so, that’s a clear sign of emotional maturity. People trust you to see them at their most vulnerable because they trust you not to judge them right away for it. You don’t act morally superior to anyone else because you understand that everyone has a reason for everything they do. And even when you don’t agree with the choices they’ve made, you don’t hold it against them or judge them too harshly for it.


9. You’re flexible and adaptable

Finally, a lot of us would argue that the true mark of emotional maturity is a person’s willingness to be flexible and adapt to their situation. After all, sometimes plans fall apart and things don’t always go the way we expect. What’s important is that you know how to roll with the punches and make the most out of whatever life sends your way. You’re resourceful, creative, and optimistic. You don’t waste time getting upset over what you can’t control, because you know that every end is just a new beginning.

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