Answer One Simple Question to Help You Understand What Is Most Important for You in Life

We here at Psych2Go have found a curious psychological test that consists of only one question. Perhaps it will help you learn something new about yourself.

Imagine that you have to do five things simultaneously:

1. Soothe a crying baby.

2. Get the laundry hanging outside (it is starting to rain).

3. Turn off the tap (water is starting to overflow onto your kitchen floor).

4. Open the front door (somebody’s knocking at it).

5. Answer the ringing phone.

In what order will you do these things? Go to the next page to find out what your choices mean!


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  1. Ok, don‘t get me wrong I love your site but these half assed one question quizzes have to stop. There is no value in it. Especially a site like yours that teaches how complex the human mind is tells people that they care mostly about money only because they decide to stop their appartment from flooding? Sorry that‘s really sad. There might ve so many reasons for people to chose the way they chose… please stop with unscientific posts like these.

    1. Maybe unimportant to you but this proves as a medium when people are tired of learning and wants to know on how psychology can help you ease your days better, even in simple pop culture quizes like this, helps people rediscovertheir own self, thanks but no thanks, nobody want to learn the full extent of Freud right now. Just simple rediscovery of self from time to time, we love you too buddy, take care…


  3. I chose to turn off the tap first cause it only takes one second to do, not because of the waste of money/damage the kitchen. Baby next because its a crying baby and of course you should make it a priority. Also it can possibly be soothed just by picking it up or giving it a paci or bottle. Door next cause a person at the door should come before answering the phone since they can leave a voicemail or you can call them back but if you dont answer the door you might never know who was there. And the clothes last cause why in the world would anyone choose to hang up clothes than any of the others first?

  4. Okay, but this test is kinda skewed based on whether or not you have kids or experience with kids. Most parents are going to put the kid at least 2nd or even last, because honestly a crying kid is not as horrible as it seems to someone without kids. As long as you know they’re not in danger you’re likely to let them cry for a minute while you take care of something as simple as turning off the tap/answering the phone or door (which can be done simultaneously). Also, in this day and age how often do we really have unknown people at the door? More than likely you know who it is so it wont hurt them to wait Last is notably going to be laundry for two reasons: 1. It won’t hurt it to get wet 2. It’s logically easier to take care of all the indoor tasks (which each take a matter of seconds) and then run outside and grab it.
    I can see where the attempt as psychology is coming from but as someone who has raised 3 kids I can do most of these tasks seemingly simultaneously and most parents would probably agree that letting your kid cry does not mean you don’t value your family as much as money or whatever. Just as getting the laundry last is logical and doesn’t mean you don’t prioritize your relationships.

  5. Hi ! I totally love your videos and contents they’re totally on point but I can’t agree with the my results :/
    here’s the order I chose and why :
    1st – the tap : It will cause the more damage if I delayed it + I can’t run to it with a crying baby in my hands
    2nd – the baby : I can’t tell what’s wrong with him or whether he’s in danger so I’d better check on him
    3rd – the door : Maybe it’s sm1 I can trust my baby to and I don’t want my guests to get wet in the rain
    4th – the laundry : it may get wet and dirty but I can always rewash it or redo it
    Last – the phone : Even if they hung off they can leave a voice msg and I can always call back.
    But that doesn’t mean at all that I prioritize money or that I don’t give any importance to my love relationship !!

  6. I don’t think this is right, turn off the tap, because you don’t want a huge mess to deal with when you pick up the baby, as it may be ill. Next, you answer the door, as it may be reinforcements to help you with the baby, or you may just be expecting a friend, and they could always help. Next, you can take the baby outside with you to grab the laundry, because this will probably make the baby happy, as they love the outdoors, and the phone, you can grab the message or number later. What does turning off the faucet have to do with money?

  7. Ok. So I chose to switch off the tap first, not because I care about the money, but because I care about the world and I hate so much when water is wasted and it literally only takes one second. Then I go for the baby, because it might be soemnthing important. After that the door,cause someone is waiting outside and it´s rude to let them there. The phone is the next because they can leave a voicemail or I can call them later. And at the end the clothes, because if it gets wet I can dry it later.

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