The choices we make can reveal a lot about ourselves, especially in the context of stressful situations when we need to make instant decisions.

Psych2Go suggests you take this quick test that will reveal all about your personality. All you need to do is to decide who needs help most of all, without thinking about your answer.

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Who Would You Help First %%personality%%



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  1. Well that got me totally wrong. I picked the guy on crutches because he clearly needs the help. The old lady is not falling down, plus she has a cane to help find her way around. The nurse at the desk can pick up her own stuff. And I avoid babies like the plague. Once the injured guy was okay, I’d have pointed out the crying kid to the lady at the desk, and only gone on to the blind lady if she appeared to need something.

    • Same. I don’t think this would tell us a lot of our personalities. I also chose the guy because he clearly needs the most help than the rest.

    • Well, it does say without thinking. These types of things are usually wrong anyway, especially if you have a certain expectation going into it, but still, it’s a point. Your first instinct is probably going to be different than if you were to think about things more rationally, like you did. My first instinct was the baby, I didn’t even really notice the other ones, but once I did, the baby didn’t seem as important, considering babies cry all the time..

    • My first instinct was the guy with crutches, but I also looked at the picture more closely and came to the same conclusion. I don’t really feel like a natural leader tho lol

    • But not the one that needs immediate help.
      He might be hungry but won’t die… doesn’t seem in pain but in discomfort

      The most logic/Useful sequence is:
      A , C, D , B

      I do interact with people, I love kids and I’m a very polite person in general… but these
      “true personality” quizzes are not accurate at all

  2. It wasn’t accurate for me. I chose the guy with the cast because he looked like he needed the most immediate help. The lady at the counter is capable of picking up after herself, the blind woman doesn’t appear to be having trouble navigating. I’ve known a few blind people and they generally don’t need or want help from strangers. Like someone else already said, I’d point out the baby to the woman behind the desk because I don’t have any way of finding their parents but she does, like through an intercom for example.

  3. Okay so the old woman is more than likely on route to step on the baby, so she needs guided to a place where she can sit and wait, then the baby needs picked up and carried. The dude in crutches is in pain but he’s already been seen to so there’s no rush, and the nurse has only dropped some things which is not really a health risk.

    Defo help the old woman as she poses a risk to herself and the baby, and then see that the child is taken care of.

  4. Too close to what I am, I’d always help the person failing over. All the others are in need of help but you need to prioritise.

  5. But if you consider that the baby is right in the path of the elderly woman, and that if the lady were to fall on the child, it would be damaging most, I’d think, to the child. The child automatically, also, because that’s when we are in our most helpless state. So I picked C.

    • My logic was that she would probably hear the child. I don’t know, I didn’t think the baby or old lady was in any immediate danger

    • Yep I chose the nurse. Without thinking I tend to gravitate towards people not freaking out. With thinking about it it’s her job so if you help her you help everyone.

  6. I said I would help the old person, because the baby can wait the young guy with the crutches is young enough to get by on his own until I can get to him.

    The old person appears to be blind, in need of someone to help her keep her balance, if she falls she can easily break a hip,.
    When your old breaking a hip can lead to death quickly lack of movement will end her life.

  7. The Nurse, because she is probably taking care of all of them, and no one there is really capable of helping her. Uh duh, stop being ism’s. I – Self – Me. Everyone in today’s society is a self absorbed, narcissistic victim. Grow up!

  8. I picked the Nurse because knowing Hospital Protocol she would know how to handle the situation by calling for STAT back up and in the interim handling the most vulnerable person first.

  9. I picked the nurse since it’s kinda her main job in my mind to actually know how to help all of their other people. I’m not messing with someone else’s baby, unless I know their caretaker, or it’s an actually serious situation. I probably dont know the layout of this building and would just lead the old lady to the nurse anyway. The injured man would be my second choice sense he could be in a serious situation, but again, the nurse is going to know what to do more than I would, such as how to support him to avoid more injures and have access to the doctors and other nurses to help him . Also, the description of my answer is slightly off compared to my own catalogue of self, as I’m fairly highly pessimistic, but other than that is moderately accurate.

  10. Picked on instinct and chose the baby. Got me completely correctly: I get told I take things too personally all the time and need to be stronger. But my strength lies in my empathy and being soft to others – so I don’t stop. Someone has to care and be the calmness to the storm when everything is falling apart.

  11. If the person who is supposed help others doesn’t get help first, then the others will not be helped by the person who is there to help them! Rather simple, the nurse.

  12. I could be sensitive, but I am definitely not empathetic. I only chose C, because I hate the noise of babies crying. I only picked him up to shut him up so I don’t have to hear him anymore. If that baby was not there I would have picked the guy with crutches, because I could use a boyfriend and what better way to get one then to help a guy up off the ground while he is hurt…

    I’m sorry guys if this sounds insensitive, but hey what can I say I am a Slytherin of course I think about forwarding myself in this cold dark hell we call home.

  13. My first reaction was to make sure the baby was safe since there didn’t appear to be any parents or caregivers nearby and it seemed to be in distress. However, I did think about it (gasp) for a second and realized I would pick A because he/she seemed to be the only one who was about to get hurt. Over-thinking/analyzing things is a major part of my personality so I think it’s extremely valid for me to have done so in this situation. However the results for choosing person A are completely off-base. I’m more of a side-kick/2nd in command type person and an INFP with social anxiety, it would have to be a very special set of circumstances to see me taking the lead on anything. (Although I do like to plan ahead and I don’t like fuss.)

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