Are you a Genuine Introvert? *Quiz*

introvert quiz

Have you ever found yourself relating to traits of both extroversion and introversion?

Introverts tend to focus on their thoughts and feelings. Extroverts act based on external stimulation. 

And in case you were wondering, you can fall somewhere between the two sides and change it along the way too.

Here’s a quiz to figure out where you fall among these two personality traits!

Quiz: Don’t forget to tally your letters — we’ll add them up later!

  1. Someone you don’t know that well calls you over and talks about their personal woes and struggles. You had a 5-minute conversation. You…

a. Half-attentively listen

b. Interrupt and say that you’re too busy for this.

c. Work can wait, it’s good to empathize with them

d. Engage in a long-drawn-out chat longer than 5 minutes.

2.  Entering a door, you burst open to see a party of unfamiliar people. Your friend, the person who invited you, is nowhere to be found. You…

a. Dart out and text your friend where they are.

b. Get inside awkwardly and look for them.

c. Sit on a couch and strike up a chat with an approachable person.

d. Barge in and insert yourself in a fun-loving circle. Your friend can wait!

3. You’re in an airplane with a stranger beside you. You…

a, Read a book, put on headphones, and sleep.

b. Pretend they don’t exist and respect their space

c. Talk to them and feel them out if they want a conversation

d. Converse with them for the entire plane trip

4. You disagree with your colleague or classmate regarding a group project. You:

a. Just stay silent even if you disagree

b. Voice out, but waver if they don’t stop

c. Defend your point of view strongly

d. Rally up the rest of the team to join the conversation

5. Your schedule is free over the weekend. You:

a. Enjoy the rest of the day with no plans at home

b. Walk at the park by yourself and enjoy the sights and smells

c. Consider calling your friend for a lunch date

d. Pack up your schedule and make plans with several friends ASAP

6. You have an important decision coming up, and your choice has grave consequences. You

a. Suffer from analysis paralysis and end up choosing an option you never intended

b. You relinquish your position and ask someone else to do it for you

c. You make a decision — but are at a stump on what happens next

d. You make a decision fast and delegate the roles to your team quickly

7. You notice your friend continuing bad habits that you’d rather have them stop. You:

a. Not say anything; you’re conflict adverse

b. Tell them about it gently

c. Call them out for their actions

d. Express your anger with conviction

8. Do you think it’s easy for people to know you?

a. No. Even my friends don’t know everything

b. Only my closest friends

c. I think I am — at least to my friends and family

d. I post about my life on social media every day

9) Can you have fun by yourself?

a. That’s the only time I have fun.

b. Yes, I love my alone time

c. I’d rather be with a close friend or two

d. No, I need to be around people

10) You meet someone new for the first time. You…

a. Say hi and part ways — not particularly interested in small talk. 

b. Have a short, casual conversation while maintaining a distance

c. Talk at length but leave the obscure topics out of the window

d. Talk as if you’re best friends!


A – 1 pt

B – 2 pts

C – 3 pts

4 – 4 pts

Group A 10-18

Group B 19-26

Group C 27-34

Group D 35-40

Group A

You’re a textbook introvert. You don’t like small talk, maintain a small circle of friends, and love and seek solitude. People who know you think of you as silent, maybe even shy, but you know it’s just draining talking to people for extended periods. You’re a homebody that would rather stay home over the weekends doing a solitary hobby rather than going out to meet people most of the time. 

You are a genuine introvert.

Group B

You are close to the middle of the spectrum — but you’re leaning more towards introversion. You’d rather have deep conversations with your closest friends instead of meeting new people. Socializing can be draining, especially in unfamiliar situations, but you do need it every once in a while. However, with the right people, any day can be a blast.

Group C

You’re more closely extroverted. You enjoy meeting new people and learning about different walks of life. You do love a good party or gathering and have no problem catching the spotlight. You are also self-assured and highly idealistic — making you a great partner to be around for the more introverted of the bunch!

Group D

There’s little to no introversion bone in your body. You love getting to know people —  and the idea of spending a weekend at home sounds genuinely out of your realm of thought. Your hobbies are people-centric and you are crazy loyal to the friends that are lucky to have you around. You’re the life of the party!

What group do you fall under? Have we missed anything?

Hopefully, you understand more about yourself in this video. That’s all for now Psych2Goers!


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