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ART is the most primitive and passionate way of expressing our feelings, and a beautiful technique to understand ourselves and the emotions we experience

I believe everyone is born an artist. Think about it. Whenever you handle a little kid a piece of paper, the first thing he will start doing is… drawing. Is something so natural to them, and something so unusual as we grow older. As we age, we acquire a huge variety of methods to express ourselves and we do not depend on scribbles or fortunate colors that for our young self, were his opinion of the world, his dreams and ambitions, everything that could be expressed. But as we develop our capacities as adult individuals, that “primitive art” losses its purpose.

Even so, art never leaves us. It’s like a dormant force that doesn’t doubt in unleash all our passion when we let creativity lead the way. And if we let it keep flowing, our emotions will soon express themselves in its very unique way. That’s what ArtTherapy is about. Recovering that way of expression that we dismissed because we tought it was childish.

Here are some exercises to discover the power of ArtTherapy and learn how to use our creativity to deal with every-day-problems. If you are/feel/want…

  • tired: draw flowers
  • angry: draw straight lines
  • hurt: sculpt something
  • bored: fill a sheet with different colors
  • sad: draw a rainbow
  • scared: make fabric creations or macrame
  • anxious or distressed: make a rag doll
  • outraged: break a sheet into tiny pieces
  • worried: practice origami
  • tense: draw different patterns
  • disappointed: copy a picture, draw or painting
  • desperate: draw roads
  • alone: draw waves and curves
  • low: draw landscapes
  • confused about your feelings: draw yourself!
  • to remember your state: draw spots of color
  • to organize your ideas: draw squares
  • to understand your wishes: create a collage
  • to concentrate in your own thoughts: draw points
  • to reflect about your essence: draw mandalas
  • to concentrate in a goal: draw a target
  • to unlock yourself: draw a spiral

But whatever happens in your life, definable or not, just pick a pencil and draw! 


ideas and translation from this article (arteterapia)

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Written by Kris

Kristina. INFP. Diplomat and mediator according to that... But I just think of myself as a lost soul that honestly has no idea where she's going nor what she's supposed to be... But that's a story for another day.
I'm in love with the artistic part of life, whatever that let's me be creative is something I love with all my heart. I've dealt in my life with some psychological issues, so I hope I can help people with my writting and artistic skills. I think our mind is something we've yet to explore and I hope I can participate on that!

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