11 Awesome Things About Extroverts – Yes, Introverts Should Read This Too!

two women one woman of colour look at the camera happy and a light skinned woman with her arms in the air

Variety is the spice of life! If everyone had the same personality it would be a bit bland right? So we want to celebrate those who identify as extroverts! We asked some extroverts what they like about being extroverts, and added our own things we love about them. Disclaimer: Introverts are awesome too, no one is necessarily better than the other for a certain personality type. Introverts might also have some or more of these traits and that is fine, but today we’re celebrating them in the context of extroverts! 😀

  1. Less awkward silence

“I generally have a good sense of what topics I could talk about to someone, and I know when to just leave them in peace. I hardly ever encounter really awkward silences.”

“Making someone smile by saying the perfect and honest thing to them is so nice.”

  1. Experience

“My extrovert enthusiasm had landed me in so many awesome experiences. I know some people would not have like them, but they energize me and I’m so happy I got there!”

  1. Helping others

“When I see someone who seems to feel awkward or alone at a party I’ll approached them in like, a relaxed way too see if they’d like some company. What I like about my extrovert-ism (is that a word?), is that I’m less shy about going up to people or strangers and talk to them.”

  1. Cool nicknames

“It might be a small thing, but I just really like that my friends call me a social butterfly. It’s such a nice mental image.”

  1. People, if you like people!

“I just really enjoy meeting new people and in my current job and study I really get the chance to meet a lot of nice people everyday. It makes me really happy.”

  1. Hearing from others

“I love getting to know people, and feeling when to ask which questions! You can learn so much about someone from just hearing their story. People have done such interesting things, you just need to ask the right questions. Also, going out with friends and creating and sharing new memories with people. The moments of laughter and giggles are what I love most.”

  1. Overcoming fears

“When I engage my more shy friends in the fun or conversation I like seeing their anxiety about the situation go down for a while.”

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  1. And…

“I like the social confidence I get from being an extrovert.”

  1. Anxious extrovert

“I’m super anxious most of the time, but by approaching people – I likei t – I expand my comfort zone, which helps me with other situations.

  1. Energy Projecting Extroverts

“My friends always tell me that I spread such a positive energy, but I don’t think they realise it’s because I love being around them so much. I like being around people, but my friends just give me a little extra buzz.”

  1. Connections

“I really like how it helps me to feel connected to people and things around me!”

So these were some of the awesome things about extroverts. What others do you know? Let us know in the comments below.


two women one woman of colour look at the camera happy and a light skinned woman with her arms in the air



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