Awesome Traits of People With ADHD

Are you familiar with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

For those unfamiliar, ADHD is an attention disorder, typically exhibited in early childhood. It’s categorized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, and difficulty in concentrating on one thing for an extended amount of time.

While most people think of ADHD as a less-than-desirable condition, there are a host of benefits that are uniquely associated with ADHD as well!

Let’s look at them.

Disclaimer: This is a disclaimer that this article is for informative purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please reach out to a qualified healthcare provider or mental health professional if you are struggling.

1) They are energetic

Do you know of anyone full of life and enthusiasm?

Many people with ADHD have copious amounts of energy for the things they care about. They’re often found flitting from one thing to another at a rapid pace, doing things they enjoy enthusiastically.

Many people with ADHD channel their energy through sports, and they often make excellent athletes. Research published in the BMJ confirms this – saying that there’s a significant proportion of athletes who are diagnosed with this attention disorder, ranging from 7%–8% (from a worldwide estimate of 2.5 to 7.2%).

2) They are compassionate

People with ADHD understand what it’s like to be different.

They can identify with people who don’t fit in the traditional mold, so to speak. This makes them very compassionate and understanding, especially towards those who are struggling or ostracized from a group. Their empathy for others makes them compassionate and loyal friends.

3) They are creative

Do you know what Albert Einstein, Van Gogh, and F. Scott Fitzgerald all have in common? They’re all speculated to have ADHD.

Living with ADHD allows you to see things from a new perspective. As a result, people with ADHD may come up with innovative solutions to real-world problems; some that have never been approached before.

Their ability to act are due in part to their inner inhibition, which enables them to draw from their well of ideas without self-criticizing. That’s why many notable people in the arts, creative writing, and science discovery fields also exhibit signs of ADHD.

4) They can get very focused

Have you ever sunk hours engrossed in a TV series without realizing just how much time passed? Or how about tinkering in a project for months on end without ever getting bored?

You’re not alone! Many people with ADHD can get extremely focused on things they are passionate about.

While there are many things that make it hard for ADHD to focus on, like schoolwork, there are also things that they can get really focused on if they put their 100% on it. Those who have ADHD channel their active mind into the things they’re passionate about, usually without getting sidetracked.

If this avenue can be harnessed and channelled in a way that’s mutually beneficial for the ADHD individual and others, it can allow them to contribute a profound impact on the world around them.

5) They are risk-takers

For people with ADHD, there’s a lot of passion when it comes to working on the thing that matter to them.

Their spontaneity and ability to think outside the box can make them pioneers in their chosen field. They don’t let the fear of failure or social stigma hold them back from trying new things and seeing what happens.

With this trait, they may be able to stumble into surprises that may very well work out for them. After all, you never know until you try!

6) they’re good problem solvers

Do you want a fresh angle on an old problem? Ask someone with ADHD!

They usually use a more abstract and creative process when solving problems. People with ADHD may enjoy mind-stimulating tasks, such as crossword puzzles. Couple their analytic skills with their creativity, and you get a winning combination that yields innovative, fresh solutions.


People with ADHD have a lot of positive traits that make them awesome!

Although their condition may be challenging at times, there are plenty of benefits to having ADHD too! Since they’re different from everyone else, they can do things in a way no one else can. And that’s very special.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!


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