Ayahuasca Healing: Gateway to Heaven, Gateway to Hell

Ayahuasca, with the right preparation, the right people and circumstances can be a great tool to access the unconscious, from another perspective, helping you grow and heal. Ayahuasca can help you heal according to Roland Bal, who works with clients who have suffered from PSTD and complex trauma.

It’s the new hype.

Plant medicine for enlightenment. Instant freedom overnight. Throw up, freak-out, have an out of body simmer and glimmer and you’re all reset. The divine conquered ‘Darwin’ style.

Personally I believe plant medicinal use can be great.

It is the right mindset though that it is needed to make it work for you. It is not something or somebody outside of you who is gong to heal you. Your healing process is your responsibility and it can be ugly, difficult, challenging but ultimately worthwhile.

The Effort and the Pay-off

Why worthwhile? Because when you move through your pain, your story and dis-identify with it, your load gets lighter, your resilience grows. Some things in your life will remain difficult; some people will never change, but it will affect you less.

It is two way traffic though, for better or worse, and this can be applied to anything really.

Marijuana can be very beneficial for dealing with various pains. In moderation, it can stimulate the creativity of ideas. If overused it functions as an escape from reality, fogs up the brain and kills motivation.

Ayahuasca with the right preparation, the right people and circumstances can be a great tool to access the unconscious, from another perspective, helping you grow and heal. Without the right support, enough time allowed to prepare beforehand, and integrate afterwards, and dosage that is not fitted to your particular state of being in that moment in time, can severely compound all of your current problems and emotions.

Navigating Healthy Responsibility

Healthy responsibility is to manage your boundaries, in order to see what you are able to sit with and process, and what not; and balance that out with the ability to be open and vulnerable, in order to learn. It is dynamic and different for each one of us and it is yourself that needs to take control of the driver’s seat in your life.

It’s not institutions, religion, government, gurus, medicine, shamans or even your therapist who is going to do it for you. It is time to relinquish your blind faith and take things back into your own hands. It is time to stop running a racket of blame on others, because you are afraid to act and fail.

Fail by all means and then relinquish the pain of shame and embarrassment by facing up to the fear of it. Burn through it without feeding it more energy – setting yourself free. Yes it will hurt but when there is no further resistance or indulgence given to it; this will also pass as long as you keep moving.

Movement versus Stagnation

It is movement that gets you away from right and wrong; that keeps you exploring between responsible, vulnerability and boundaries. It is stagnation through guilt, blame, self-reproach, and the like, that keeps you in the loop, repeating the same old pattern.

Movement implies taking back healthy control and responsibility for your life.

From the author Roland Bal: I work with people who suffer from PTSD and Complex Trauma and get asked from time to time if psychotropic substances can be helpful in their healing journey. What I attempt to outline in this article here is that it can work both ways. If you are responsible and not looking for an escape it works for you. If you are not ready and well prepared it can severely compound your present state of mind as it might not give you the boundaries and processing of emotional residue you need. For more info on working through trauma visit: rolandbal.com

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