Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

What Will The Skin Look Like?

No matter how well you take care of your skin and how in-depth your nightly beauty regime is, most women become aware of the first signs of aging as they enter their late twenties. While there’s nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, constant advances in cosmetic surgery mean that those of us who want to preserve or restore our smooth looking skin have more options than ever.


Types of Anti-Wrinkle Skin Injections




Botox is a series of injections which can block the signals which are sent from the brain via the nervous system. By blocking this it means that the muscles in question don’t contract as they normally would, giving a softer and smoother look to the skin. This is often used in areas like forehead and frown lines or on the wrinkles which appear around the eyes.

Technically, Botox is a brand name rather than scientific. It is a toxin which is made by Clostridium Botulinum. Botulinum can actually cause botulism which is very dangerous, but this is not a high risk when having botox treatment. The FDA approval for the treatment has been in place since the 1980s.




The differences between Dysport and Botox are not huge. They are both neurotoxins and both of them have the same blocking impact on the muscles. The differences between the two are quite simple, the trace proteins produced being the only significant scientific difference. This means that it impacts different people in slightly different ways.

As a very general rule, Dysport may work quicker, but Botox will last for a lot longer. For this reason, Dysport is a little cheaper than Botox on average. Some have reported Dysport being very effective at treating glabella wrinkles, those which appear around the eyes and above the eyes.




Xeomin is just like both Botox and Dysport as they are both Botulinum products. Xeomin goes through one more step of filtration which can result in an even purer version. This means that people who have built up some sort of resistance or immunity to Botox treatment (this can happen after regular treatments) may find that Xeomin is worth trying as an alternative.

The effects may be more noticeable as the more pure form may penetrate the nerves that have stopped being impacted by other injections. Xeomin prices can vary, but it is possible to find Xeomin cheaper than Botox as it is newer to the market and still building the reputation.


Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Skin Injections


Minimal discomfort

The process of getting Botox injection or any of the other anti-wrinkle injections is not too painful or uncomfortable. Most people do not experience more than a tiny bit of stiffness and discomfort. Pain varies from case to case and based on whether there are many complications, but this is extremely unlikely.


Non-surgical procedure

You aren’t going under the knife and as such the risks are not very high. You are not put under anesthetic and the likelihood is that you can continue functioning in your day-to-day life straight away. This isn’t something invasive that you will need weeks off work for, injections are quick and relatively simple.


Fast reaction

In most cases, within a week, the full effect of the treatment will have been achieved. Some people find that the areas they get treated can start looking better almost instantly. Many users of Dysport find that it very quickly makes a difference.


Fast recovery

No overnight stays in clinics or weeks of altered diets or other recoveries. Recovering from anti-wrinkle skin injections basically take place within the 24 hours after, during which you shouldn’t apply any pressure to botox sites, nor should you massage or apply complex products like chemical peels as these can react.


Possibility to wear immediate makeup – As soon as you have had the injection, the option to wear makeup and further improve your looks and confidence is open to you. People use these types of injections to improve their looks, and wanting to put makeup on afterward is not unusual.


The Result – What Will The Skin Look Like?


Anti-wrinkle skin injections can leave skin looking much smoother and much younger. Any of the wrinkles affected by your muscles contracting will look far better as a result. Naturally, it is nothing short of essential that you find a reputable doctor to perform your injections to make sure that the look is even and symmetrical.


It should be said that Botox and similar injections do not work miracles. They are not a treatment for things like skin sagging at a certain age! Some wrinkles occur naturally and aren’t worsened by muscular contractions. These aren’t affected either. However, the wrinkles that get worse when you smile, frown or squint are all likely to look far smoother after the treatment of skin injections.

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