Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure with SharePoint

The term cloud suggests a solid and single environment that provides computing, data storage, and application services via the Internet, with a variety of choices within every service. One such example is the technology that has numerous setups and application options or topologies and that is SharePoint. Including recommended practices, Let us look at how SharePoint migration to Azure offers a great advantage over the traditional ways.

Most SharePoint installations have been deployed in the on-premises configuration traditionally. The on-premises format has allowed for:

  • In a manageable and administrable environment, Onsite hosting of data is done.
  • Teamwork in an environment that can be scaled as and when needed.
  • Ability to incorporate customized solutions.

SharePoint Online changed the situation even more histrionically by allowing companies that had not planned for on-premises SharePoint, and the additional setup costs, to gain the advantages of SharePoint at a low per-user fee. However, the fact remains, that SharePoint Online and the on-premises are almost opposite. Also, SharePoint Online tenant to tenant migration is considered to be a complex process and it is always advised to take help of the experts like Apps4Rent.

Below are some of the characteristics of SharePoint Online that might prevent a full-scale migration of an on-premises SharePoint installation to Office 365 or SharePoint Online:

  • The user has little or no control over customization.
  • Third-party or custom code, and applications are not supported as this is a SaaS version.
  • There would be limitations that would stop migrating all SharePoint data to the cloud as it would be needed in migrating an on-premises installation to SharePoint Online.

Below are the advantages of using Microsoft Azure:

  • SharePoint server farms hosted on this platform can be quickly increased or decreased as per the necessities. Provisioning and setting up a server on Azure is an elaborate process and can be simply carried out by viewing the server images. Azure has a great resource to get companies started on provisioning a SharePoint farm with Azure, and another one to create a testing environment on Azure.
  • Azure is mostly well-suited with not just SharePoint but also SQL Server and other applications. This makes sure that SharePoint servers can be flawlessly set up on Azure and moved from Azure to on-premises environments whenever needed. This is used for making temporary staging or testing environments or secondary production environments.
  • Azure uses a pay only for what you use model, this makes companies use computing resources, memory, or storage capacity only as much as they need. Azure is a very cost-efficient answer for hosting SharePoint.

Installation of on-premise SharePoint can be deeply customized or configured. Running a SharePoint server on Azure is no different from an onsite SharePoint setup. There are no limitations in running third-party apps. Hence, current investments made for customizing SharePoint on-premises can be protected when migrating the SharePoint solution to Azure.

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