Best Apps for Watching Live Streaming in the World

1 – YouTube: follow your favorite channels on the big screen

Follow your favorite channels, browse at will in the huge free catalog of the undisputed leader of streaming using your remote control. Because, yes, YouTube is compatible with our voice assistant, this makes navigation easier. The icing on the cake, the application is also with the Cast feature which allows you to launch a video on your own YouTube channel from your mobile. It’s great!

Although we can watch live streaming and videos on YouTube, Oreo TV for PC also offers best TV shows and live streaming. We can enjoy entertainment shows, sports and other related events.

2 – Facebook Watch: watch lives and videos from your sofa!

The social network therefore offers Facebook Watch by using your mobile device. For example, the well-designed application allows you to navigate easily and pleasantly thanks to Facebook, but also via your smartphone since it offers the possibility of “casting” content directly from your Facebook mobile application. How to Set goals and Achieve them you can check out on our website

3 – Dailymotion: the video trend of tomorrow (or yesterday?)

The American platform is taking your eyes out? Opt for “Made in France” with Dailymotion which, we sometimes forget, continues to exist and to offer exclusive content.

Some French media favor this service, so you will find videos available nowhere else. All for free, most of the time.

4 – Molotov: free French channels

Watch TV for free on Amazon Fire TV Striking addition to the paid platforms, it is THE star service for Fire TV users. Compatible with voice control, just ask “Alexa put Arte on Molotov” and it will open this TV streaming app to you in no time. offers 36 live channels free of charge, including 24 TNT.

It also allows live control and offers a number of replays. For the more fanatical of television, the  company also offers two paid formulas from 3.99$ / month .

5 – Vevo: music on video!

Vevo: Free Music on Vevo for Fire TV is ideal for relaxing in front of your favorite music videos . The application has been designed to offer you a personalized experience with all the artists you love and tailor-made clips.

Create playlists from the videos you love, watch your favorite clips on repeat or relax and enjoy your personalized space.

 6 – Plex: your personal videos on Fire TV

Plex on Amazon you have a media server or NAS, you are probably familiar with this service that allows you to store your favorite content at home. With the Plex, you can easily enjoy it on your 4K screen!

Plex also gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, and even Bollywood …

7 – VLC for Fire:

VLC Tutorial on Amazon, The essential French open-source VLC Media Player is also available on the Fire TV Stick.

Capable of playing virtually any stream without codecs, it’s completely free and comes with no spyware or user tracking, all ad-free.

8 – Arte: cultivate yourself!

In eighth position, we could obviously only place Arte. The Franco-German channel, not to say European, indeed offers a wide choice of programs, documentaries, films and television series in replay.

A free application and much richer than the replay available on, where you will find the entire VOD of the best channel in the French-speaking audiovisual landscape. An essential application that will offer you hours of discoveries of all kinds …

9 – Vimeo: high definition streaming

We continue with video, but it’s basically quite normal when it comes to a system for viewing content on television!

Ad-free, Vimeo is acclaimed by the best videographers on the planet for the quality of its video compression. With this platform, you can indeed enjoy magnificent videos in 1080p or 4K , all for free …. A pleasure for the eyes that we highly recommend.

10 – TuneIn: millions of radio stations!

TuneIn, the streaming radio service founded by Bill Moore in 2002 in Dallas and with more than 120,000 stations is of course available .

To use it, just ask Alexa for your favorite station and it will be up and running in a second.

11 – the radio made in France

If TuneIn is the reference in terms of broadcasting, a service makes it possible to find the few French-speaking stations missing from the menu of the specialist of Palo Alto. In addition to its 30,000 available radio stations, offers more than 3,000 podcasts. You will also find, every week, the “editorial selection” which will make you discover or rediscover radio stations from France and elsewhere. Also watch any type of live streaming and entertainment shows without any account or sign up free of cost on Oreo TV for windows.

12 – Amazon Silk: the web browser designed for Fire TV!

It is the reference Internet browser for Fire TV, Amazon Silk. Developed by Amazon and launched in November 2011 for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, Silk is available on Fire TV where it launched in November 2017.

Silk for Fire TV lets you access unlimited web content with a browser designed for the big screen. Watch videos, listen to music, and view photos from your favorite sites. Use the remote control to search and navigate to websites. Easily control web videos and music with the Play / Pause, Fast forward and Rewind buttons on the remote. Silk’s address bar can be set to “Safe Search” to filter web content, when Bing, Google or Yahoo is set as the default search engine. You can also set a mandatory PIN code to launch the application.

13 – Downloader: download unofficial applications

You might not know it, but Fire TV is an Android-based operating system. The Amazon fork therefore allows the use of certain applications that are not yet offered in its catalog.

Be careful, some will not be compatible and will be displayed in an anarchic way, but Downloader will allow you to recover a large number of apk as we explained to you in our MyCanal for Fire TV tutorial! An essential application for hackers of all kinds…

14- AllCast for Fire TV: the universal cast for Fire TV

Cast on Fire TV StickNo, the Chromecast is not the only solution to cast content on your TV from your mobile devices!

Moreover, the TV Live Streaming is much more interesting than the latter because, unlike Google devices, it is autonomous but also allows casting thanks to the Mira Cast technology developed by the Wi-Fi alliance and allowing the sharing of video signals, audio displayed on a mobile device to a broadcaster, and vice versa, without requiring a wired connection between the two devices and without going through a router.

AllCast Receiver for Fire TV lets you take advantage of this technology for free and view virtually all content from your smartphones and tablets on your streaming stick!

15 – NordVPN: the paid exception for more free?

Use Nord VPN on Amazon Fire TV StickDo you prefer to navigate hidden? Although the coronavirus obviously cannot be caught via Fire TV, NordVPN should be of interest to the most privacy-conscious and other hackers …

While we obviously advise against using it illicitly, NordVPN is undoubtedly the best French VPN and allows you to protect your Wi-Fi access point by masking your IP address while encrypting the communications of your Fire TV Stick. Detecting and blocking problematic sites in order to protect your device from malware or potential cyber threats, it is not free but absolutely essential if you venture into Internet limbo.

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