10 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Marketing

Accommodations are one of the top things to check off any person’s travel list, no matter if the purpose is for business or pleasure. As a hotelier, you’ll want your establishment to come out at the top of search results. One effective way to do that is by boosting your hotel marketing.

Here’s 10 things that you can implement or check on if you’re doing TODAY, to get your marketing ball rolling.


1. Beautiful Web Design

The Internet is the future, and the Internet is now. So if your hotel website isn’t hopping on that train, where are you headed? Call your resident web developer or website designer friend to help you create and design a compelling, user-experience-centric, functional website. Remember, your audience has more than one thing to deal with when planning their vacations/staycations. Make your hotel the easiest of them all, and they’ll surely be thankful they chose you.

2. Mobile Optimization

Speaking of a compelling website, make sure to check if your website is mobile optimized. That is, make sure that your website appears seamlessly and neatly on a mobile device as it would a laptop, tablet, or desktop. After all, you want to be where your market is. And who isn’t on their phones these days? Once again, make sure to make your mobile site design visually compelling, but still also easily functional and navigable.

3. Social Media Presence

Since we’re talking about visuals, a great supplement to your beautiful website is an equally beautiful social media presence. Honestly, this should go without saying. Most people will likely even find you on social media first, and you’ll want to make an incredibly good impression on that audience to make them click on that Book Now button. An active and visually cohesive social media presence across all relevant platforms will ensure that conversion, so talk to your social media manager today about streamlining your branding from site to social.

4. Visual Storytelling

And on the topic once again of visuals, telling ‘stories’ through your hotel’s marketing collaterals and images will strongly appeal to your audience. It’s like giving them a sneak preview of the experience they’re bound to have themselves. Ensure that you put up professionally-taken photos on all platforms, not just of your amenities, but more importantly the experience one can get from them. Lounging in a poolside chair sipping one of your hotel’s signature cocktails with a glistening pool in the background? Sign me up!

5. Following-Up

Retargeting potential customers who have abandoned their bookings is a great way to reel them back in, and to guide them along just in case they’re having second thoughts. Have your tech and marketing teams send ‘reassuring’ e-mails to potential clients who clicked ‘x’ on your booking page, with attractive and to-the-point subject lines like ‘Looks Like You Left Your Booking Unfinished!’, and with email bodies that not only remind them of the benefits of your amenities, but how much they’re going to love staying with you.

6. Loyalty Programs

Once you’ve got a couple of cats in the bag and customers in your rooms, make sure to treat them to loyalty programs that offer discounts and perks for staying a number of times in your establishment within a period of time. For regular customers, make the tokens as personal as possible, with handwritten welcome note cards, or even noting their room preferences. People stay for the great hotel, and they return for the great experience.

7. Sponsor Local Events

Outside of the realm of online booking is a world on-ground where people who pass by your hotel may not even realize it to be one worth staying at. By hosting local events that capture the attention of potential customers, you’re letting them know you’re around. Organize your own events for existing promos and packages and make use of posters and standees. Sponsor brand-relevant events by providing air dancers with your logo in front and at the back, and in the colour of your hotel to establish cohesiveness.

8. Benefit-Centric Amenities

Instead of packaging and marketing your hotel amenities as having a great pool or having heated blankets, tell your guests instead about what these amenities ultimately aim to do. Think of sparkling kiddie pools to entertain the young ones, or heated blankets for a cozy night’s sleep.

9. Special group packages

If you can’t reel them in one by one, have provisions and promos for patrons that stay in groups. Having group packages available at special rates and with special access to amenities will give you a unique opportunity to increase your word-of-mouth marketing plus customer loyalty. Once the group tour ends, count on some (if not all) those guests in that same group to return with their own parties.

10. Customer Management

Finally, after you have all the above in place to market your brand, make sure that your brand stays marketable. Having a dedicated team for customer and reputation management is hugely important in this day and age where one small negative review on any website can potentially damage a reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Remember to reach out with kindness when commenting on public review sites, as well.

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