Comic Shows How A Day With High Functioning Mental Illness Feels Like

Suffering from high functioning mental illness isn’t fun at all. It is not something you can “snap out of it” and be okay the next day. It is frustrating when people assume you aren’t really sick just because they can’t see it physically – like a cold, a physical wound etc.

“For years, I’ve been drowning my anxiety and depression into work. I saw several doctors but they said I had no reason to have anxiety so that must be temporary. It wasn’t. I worked more so I couldn’t have time to do nothing. Because doing nothing is overthinking. Doing a full comic book in 2 months beside my full time job ? No problem, I can handle it. I actually couldn’t. Doing my comic was no longer a pleasure. I burnt out.

Suddenly, I couldn’t do anything. I spent days crying in bed without knowing why. Why couldn’t I just get up ? What was the point anyway ? My comic book was pointless. I was pointless.

I then remembered what Jonny from Hope For The Day said. “It’s okay not to be okay“. Asking for help is being strong. So I went to the doctor again.

And since that day, I draw a lot about mental health to explain how it feels.”

– Soy Ay

More info about the artist: Instagram | Facebook |

Does it sound familiar? If you are facing something similar, here are some illustrations that you might be able to relate to: 

Even the simple things become a struggle…

Including daily routines like driving and going to work…

Having a break doesn’t help either! 

The things you use to enjoy feels more like a chore now…

And you think the pain will go away when you sleep, but that is not the case…

Can you relate to these comics? Follow Sow Ay for more!





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