Can Kratom Help You In Sleep? A Complete Guide

Sound sleep is good for the overall health of your body. However, many adults today suffer from various sleeping issues. The problem of insomnia has a multitude of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for insomnia include stress, anxiety, irregular routine/schedule, etc.

In order to combat the problem of insomnia, you can rely on a variety of synthetic medications. However, the problem with such medications is that they come with many side-effects. The common side-effects of medicines for insomnia include migraine, stomach ache, nausea, changes in appetite, etc. It is therefore suggested to always choose natural ways and means to get rid of the same.

Kratom is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies that treat the problem of insomnia like the back of your hand. A lot many studies and researches have already given approval on the use of kratom to treat sleeping disorders. This tropical plant comprises of many beneficial properties, thereby proving to be an effective remedy for all those people who look forward to getting good quality sleep.

Regular use of kratom helps to manage the factors affecting the quality of sleep like stress, physical pain, muscle tension, and anxiety, thereby improving the quality of your sleep. Kratom belongs to the family of the coffee tree and is extensively used by the people of Thailand and Malaysia. The leaves of kratom comprise of Mytragine which has stimulant, analgesic, and sedative effects. All these properties of kratom make it a top medicinal plant among the others.

You can buy good quality kratom from the best kratom vendors online and use it in the form of leaves or powder to further brew it into Kratom tea.

Kratom And Your Quality Of Sleep:

The reported effect of kratom on the quality of sleep is controversial and complicated. While many studies have given a thumbs up to the use of kratom to treat sleeping disorders, some studies still do not support the claim.

As different strains of kratom are available throughout the market, it is very important to find the ideal one to improve your sleep. The higher doses of kratom could be quite soothing. You are expected to select the strain carefully. Here are some of the options that you can try to treat the problem of insomnia:

  1. Red Bali:

This strain of the herb is the perfect option for all those individuals who want to achieve the perfect relaxation mood and relieve themselves from all kinds of pain. This strain comes with several calming properties. The only drawback of using this strain is that its effects on the body are ephemeral. You might fall asleep real quickly, however, you may end up waking up again in the middle of the night.

  1. Indo Kratom:

If you want to invite some sedative effects in your body, this is the best strain to consume. This strain helps to relieve the problem of insomnia and is widely available in the market to fulfill the said purpose.

  1. Red Borneo:

Another strain of the herb which is very much similar to Red Bali is Red Borneo. Apart from addressing your problem of insomnia, this strain also helps you to relieve problems such as anxiety and chronic pain.

It is equally important to know that you must avoid using some strains of Kratom as they might not go well in terms of treating your problem of insomnia. Do not consume the strains such as Thai Kratom, Green Malay, and Maeng Da Kratom. Instead of creating sedative effects on your body, these strains will stimulate more energy, thereby leaving your problem untreated.

The Dosage Of Kratom To Treat Sleeping Disorders:

One of the most difficult parts while using kratom to treat insomnia is to decide how much of it is ideal for consumption. As the body of each person varies the dosage, too, varies from person to person. It is suggested to get in touch with your health practitioner and to inquire about the right dosage of kratom from him/her. You can also start by consuming a small dose of kratom initially and increasing its intake gradually once your body adapts well to its consumption. On an average, a moderate dosage of kratom is recommended to a majority of people.

Method Of Consumption:

Different methods of consumption of kratom can be used, depending upon your taste and preference. One of the most common consumption methods of kratom is kratom tea. You can prepare kratom tea by adding the powder or leaves into water and brewing the same. It is important to note that this plant is a potent herb. You are therefore required to consume it neat, without mixing it with any other sleep-inducing ingredient/drug.

Apart from treating your insomnia, you can drink kratom tea to deal with problems such as pain management, reduction of anxiety, reduction of stress, etc.

Side Effects Of Kratom:

Kratom is an acclaimed medicinal plant and its consumption doesn’t cause a high like that of cannabis. However, this doesn’t mean that the herb has zero side-effects. One of the most serious side-effects of consuming the herb regularly is that it causes dependency when taken in concentrated or unadulterated form. This is the reason why many countries have regulated the use of this herb. Other common side-effects of consuming it regularly include dark urine, nausea, liver problems, itching, abdominal pain, and jaundice.

Many experts, doctors, and scholars are still carrying out research and studies on the use and effects of kratom on your body. Although more data is required to conclude if this herb is useful in treating sleeping disorders, a majority of people have already started relying on the same. The herb comes with stimulating effects and the higher doses of kratom can lead to various side-effects, addiction to the herb being one.

It is therefore advised to get in touch with your health practitioner and discuss the effects as well as the negative impact of kratom on your body. If you are buying this herb to treat your problem of insomnia, always buy it from a reliable platform. Alongside this, you must exercise and meditate regularly to treat your insomnia quickly and more naturally.

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