We at Psych2Go are proud of every members who are part of our community. We pride ourselves in providing everyone from all walks of life a chance of being involved with moving mental health and psychology to the forefront of today’s generation.

We’re currently looking for talents in the following positions:

  1. Partnership Manager
    1. This is someone who is really good at building connection and network with other social media influencers, on various platforms (IG, FB, Tumblr, Twitter and Youtube).
    2. We are looking for someone who knows how to take the initiative to craft out introductory emails to other social media influencers in the hopes of befriending them, getting their help with promoting or making a shoutout for Psych2Go and business opportunities.
    3. If you’re someone who excels with making great connections online, we’d love to have you on board.
    4. Your main objective in our company is to leverage your networking and communication abilities to grow the partnerships of Psych2Go so that we can reach more people and more potentially do more. Your role is vital to our growth.
    5. With this position, you should expect a base compensation + performance pay for partnerships secured.
  2. Talented Screen Play Editor
    1. This position ideally fits someone who has a great sense of humour, knows how to engage people, understands people well and what makes them react. Utilizing your social skills online, your role is to provide feedback to our team of script writers to improve the engagement of the scripts.
    2. You will edit for:
      1. Engagement Level (how engaging the scripts from point A to B). This may involve, evaluating the relevancy of the points, reordering the most engaging points to be at the very top, to finding or even replacing the points to make them more engaging)
      2. Concise. No one likes to read the same point in 5 different sentences when one is enough. Your role is to make each parts of the script more impactful. Perhaps, adding a note for the animator. Using silence, or pauses to dramatize a point.. Your role is to use the elements of script direction to make the script that much more impactful. We want impact not long scripts.
      3. You must also be brave to suggest a new script format or experiment. Perhaps, you hate the listicle format? You want to see a story time? A narrative story? And you’re brave enough to examine the videos of others to suggest a replica of their work? Well, we want that. We want what’s working, what’s engaging, and what’s moving growth forward.
      4. Grammar and all those stuff. You don’t have to be technical. This is a script. it should be casual, slangs are allowed and in fact even encouraged. We don’t want to sound like textbooks. We want emotions. We want flow. We want impact.
      5. You want to make sure the content themselves are actually substance. The last thing we want is putting out common sense content that anyone can get anyways else on the Youtube. We want to be distinct that our content provides relevant, insightful and evidence based points. An editor should encourage the writer to utilize research, examples to back up their point. And perhaps, even personal experience.
  3. Animation Director
    1. We want someone to oversee the animation quality and providing feedback for the team
  4. Talent Recruiter
    1. We get numerous applications for various positions in our company.
    2. This role is ideal for someone who’s good with screening, filtering, asking the right questions, onboarding potential new team members.
    3. This requires someone who’s able to nurture and set the culture for Psych2Go. This is for someone who’s willing to take the steps to introducing the culture of psychGo, encouraging applicants to submit samples, getting a project to our platform as quickly and then on-boarding them to payroll.
    4. Reporting to myself new people and feedback on new team members.


Meet Catherine! She is one of our wonderful Psych2Go writers. Here’s what she has to say about collaborating with us:

“Being a content creator is exciting! The best part is that every day is different. One day, I’ll be writing about great self-help tips on how to manage anxiety; the next, I’ll be writing about interesting facts on sleep paralysis!”

Being a writer for Psych2Go will not only give you experience, but it will also give you a sense of pride to be connected with such a wonderful site. Catherine aims to write articles that tailor to our readers’ needs and makes sure she always produces quality content. This includes dependable research, stories from her own experiences, and offering support and advice to our readers’ comments. At Psych2Go, we strive to bring interesting and helpful psychology information open and accessible to everyone. Right at their computer screen!

If you would like to see more from Catherine, here are some samples below.

7 Benefits of Owning a Cat

6 Ways to be Vulnerable in Love

5 Things to Give Up to Live the Life You Want

For the rest of her work, her author page can be found here.

If you would like to send Catherine a personal message or say hello, she can be reached at ♥

Social Media Marketing

Meet Kelly! She is the head of our social media marketing department. Kelly, like Catherine, is involved with more than one aspect of Psych2Go. Here is what she has to say about collaborating with us:

“So many people out there are suffering from mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. My vision for Psych2Go is to reach out to people who are struggling silently, raise awareness, and educate our followers about the issue.”

Aside from managing our main site and handling our other social media platforms, she also creates graphical content and entertaining quizzes. A social media manager must be able to field many questions from all departments with Psych2Go. They are essentially the gatekeepers to our social media pages. Other tasks they perform include creating the thumbnails and excerpts from our content and promoting them amongst our various social media pages.

Please send any inquiries about social media marketing to our social media marketing team.

Kelly Soong:

Our alumnus:

Editor: Viveca Shearin 

Meet Viveca, one of our amazing editors at Psych2Go! Here is what she has to say about collaborating with us:

“I’m a Managing Editor for Psych2Go. And that means that I’m in charge of a group of writers. I edit their articles and help to upload them. Aside from that, I also keep our ever-growing list of topics updated and neatly compiled. This ensures that the writer can find a topic they’re interested in writing about and that a particular topic hasn’t been tackled before.”

She also had this to say:

“I like working for Psych2Go because I’m passionate about helping people learn about psychology, mental illness/health, introversion, and other topics related to the field of psychology. I want to help our readers understand who they are and help them accept themselves without any regret or guilt.”

Editor in Chief: Lyvonne Avery

Meet Lyvonne, another one of our amazing editors! Here is what she has to say about collaborating with us:

“Working for Psych2Go has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I get to collaborate with a wonderful group of people every day, and read articles from many fantastic writers and help them bring them to our audience. Writing about psychology was always a passion of mine and now I get to help others do it, too.”

Editing at Psych2Go includes various responsibilities. Our editors work closely with our writers to bring our audience reliable and up-to-date information on many psychology topics. To get this done, our editors proofread articles, edit them for clarity, and fix any grammatical errors. They are in constant contact with the writers entrusted to them, getting to know their writing voice and style.

At the moment, we don’t have any opened positions for the website as everything is focused on our Social Media. However, if you would like to contribute as a volunteer for your resume, portfolio or affiliated work, feel free to reach out to myself personally: 

Editing Assistance

This position is open! If you are interested in working with our editors and helping them streamline our content, please reach out to someone on our editing team.


Project/Product Manager (E-books)

You’ve already met Catherine, but here you’ll find her in another role at Psych2Go! We have a few collaborators who reside within multiple departments, which is helpful when it comes to communication and brainstorming. Here’s what she has to say about being a product manager here at Psych2Go:

“Just knowing that I’m not alone in a situation that helps our readers feel the same makes storytelling and content creating all the more important. It’s truly remarkable seeing how much we’re growing every day, and it’s hard for me not to feel emotionally moved. I just feel really lucky that I get to do what I love and make a difference at the same time!”

As of January 2018, Catherine was hard at work on our first anthology! She gathered over 50 different articles from Psych2Go on introversion and brought them together into one book. When the book is finished, you will be able to find the link here.

A product manager must be able to work well with a team. They not only collaborate with Psych2Go, but also have another team helping them work on the project at hand. Catherine worked with a group of editors and product developers to make sure that the book is just right.

Please send any inquiries about product managing to our product managing team.

Catherine Huang:

Project Manager for Youtube Channel

Meet Erin! She is our project manager for our Youtube channel. Here’s what she has to say about being a project manager at Psych2Go:

“My main role as Project Manager is to maintain and run the YouTube channel. I assign articles to script writers, give those scripts to voice actors, and bring those materials to animators to create content for the channel. I keep everyone and everything organized, while helping out anywhere else I’m needed!”

She also had this to say about her time collaborating with us:

“I love working at Psych2Go. I have met so many wonderful people and young creatives, and had a chance to watch them grow into wonderful artists making a living for themselves. I’m glad for all the connections I have with everyone I’ve met here. I look forward to helping more people and making content for everyone to enjoy!”

As you can see, being a project manager with Psych2Go can carry a lot of work and responsibility. Constant collaboration is involved to make sure that the videos we produce are true to the previously released content they are adapted from. While this might seem like a hefty duty, it is also very rewarding and often rather fun.

Please send all inquiries about project management to our project management team.

Erin Bogo:

Script Writing

Community Managing

If you have any questions regarding community managing, please reach out to our community management team.


Communication Manager

This position is currently under construction. Please check back later for updates and information.

Audience Development Manager

We’re looking for help reaching more lives with our content. Your role is to find influencers on Youtube, Facebook, IG, Pinterest, Twitter and various channels who are willing to help share our content. You will also be responsible for managing all those relationships. And reporting to our social media manager Kelly on your effort.

Affiliate Sponsors

If you have experiences emailing and working with sponsors and influencers who want a feature or mention on our site, we’d love your help coordinating those relationships. Your role will help build up the funds we need to sustain and grow psych2go.


Meet Imogen, our magazine curator and editor.

Please send all inquiries about Psych2Go‘s magazine to our magazine department.

Imogen Bowler:


This position is open! If you are interested in this position, please contact our founder and CEO, Tai.

Tai Khuong:


This position is open! If you are interested in this position, please contact our founder and CEO, Tai.

Tai Khuong:

WordPress/Hosting Specialist

This position is currently under construction. Please check back later for updates and information.

E-commerce, Sales Rep, & Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding any of the positions in this specific posting, please reach out to our customer support team.


Recruiting and HR

Currently, our editor Viveca is working hard on the recruiting process. She assesses any applications that come in for our writing positions. We are actively recruiting at the moment, so if you are interested in writing for us, please contact someone from our editing team.

If you have any questions about recruiting or HR, please contact someone in our recruiting and HR team.




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