Choose a Photo and Learn the Unexpected Truth About Yourself

Mental disorders are a hot topic among movie directors and actors. The latter portray the characters so naturally that they can become a real-life encyclopedia for psychiatrists.

Carl Jung suggested that a person can observe even the least pleasant traits in themselves. Léopold Szondi created a test based on a series of portraits with different dimensions of personality.

Here is another test inspired by the famous psychiatrists’ works.

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  1. I used to like these quizzes as they were sort of insightful and accurate. Now they are bs. I pick the photo that i like the least and I have bipolar disorder? No, I do not. The one from the other day, no matter what you selected, told you that you were a narcissistic monster. Get outta here. These cannot be healthy for people who may actually take stock in the results.

  2. I feel heavily hurt by the usage of Dissociative Identity Disorder Here. After reading this movie’s description it simply is not very accurate- and even if you consider it to be, the description for it used in this quiz is terribly misinformed and I see tumblr reblogs finding it funny. DID is not about dressing up. Yes, you did mention the abuse and trauma- but simplifying it to only dressing up and wearing different clothes is heavily offensive.

    1. Very accurate…enlightening tho a negative truth…big question…how to change this…

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