Cognitive-Biases Test Will Accurately Reveal Your Subconscious Insecurities

Sometimes, our brain has its own bugs, which are called cognitive biases. What we see first in this photo can give us a lot of information about what kind of traits we have and how our subconscious mind thinks and work.

Without further ado, look at the image below.

[viralQuiz id=54]


What do you think of the results? Was in accurate? Share this with your friends and family and see what they think!

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  1. OK, so this is a crock (pardon the pun). Regardless of which animal you choose, you’re in trouble. Either you’re anxious (self-abnegating and insecure) or anxious (unable to tolerate discomfort). The bias is in the test – we’re giving you only two options, both of which are negative. And remember- everything can be something else: these predilections can be useful in some circumstances, when channeled appropriately.

  2. I must say that was right on point, had to read it couple times, thought about it which brought me to the OMG.

  3. Well, mine is very inaccurate. Everything in the description is wrong! I only saw the crocodiles first because they were more obvious and I saw them in the picture before I even clicked on the quiz! Plus, I like crocodiles better, and I can see the obvious first!

  4. This is a two-choice quiz that assumes there are only two types of people and makes sweeping, generalised statements. It is virtually worthless as a test and I’d even go as far as to call it downright insulting to pretty much every human being.


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