Depression Made Me Compassionate

depression made me compassionate

Before I conquered my depression. I used to be self-centered. You see, I was so immersed in my dark inner world that I could not put myself in other people’s shoes.  Although, when I did see people in trouble or hurting, I would go out of my way to help. I did so because I always thought to myself that I would love it if people helped me. It was as if I was missing a crucial part of myself. I was trapped in a gray area. I would help anyone who reached out because I know what it means to suffer, even though I couldn’t grasp what they were going through.

Depression made me compassionateEvery day I was trying to climb out of my darkness. Hoping to relate to others. I was dying to understand what others were going through. But I was so consumed by my hatred of the world, that I just couldn’t. It wasn’t till I hit rock bottom, when a change in me started to occur. As I was climbing out of the void, light started illuminating my path. The fog in my mind lifted and I started to see the world and people differently. I no longer was comparing misery or putting self-pity.

depression made me compassionateWhen I began to heal, that barrier that didn’t permit me to understand others was raised. I wasn’t trapped in the gray area any longer. Life was vibrant now and full of amazing feelings I never experienced before. At first connecting with people was terrifying, but after I did it felt gratifying. Not giving room to suffering, allowed me to connect towards others in ways I couldn’t of imagine.

Depression ingrained in me misery, loneliness, hopelessness, desperation, discouragement, and wanting to die. That old part of me, allows me to see the world differently. I notice things most people don’t. I can see hurt in people eyes and see little details that people hide with fake smiles. I notice these things because I was like that once in my life. Depression gave me the ability to relate to others because my experience even though dreadful, was insightful.

Has this happened to you? What other lessons have you learned from depression? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, feel free to read: Depression Almost Took My Life & Loving A Depressed Person: Here’s What You Need to Know

Ever wondered if you have high functioning depression? Watch Psych2Go’s Youtube video about it.

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  1. I have experienced this myself but I have never been to put into words let alone as elegantly as you have. Thank you.

  2. I totally ‘get’ this.
    Mine has ebbed and flowed a couple of times in the last few years and while I have finally put into place a plan–a multi-faceted plan–to ensure I don’t fall down the hole of depression again, indeed I was lost in a selfish place.
    What I realized when I came out was a deep respect and empathy for people who say they are feeling bad, depressed, anxious, sad… any feelings, frankly, about anything. Because I know full well how feelings work and how they affect someone. When I was depressed and anxious, on the other hand, I thought that no one else had a right to feel bad because I perceived my problems to be worse than theirs. The horrible thing is that while some people might not have known I felt that way–and I never said so to anyone–I know I left some people feeling badly over it because they have removed themselves from my life even though I have started seeing things differently. And, I am very glad I was already in a state of mind in which I could cope with them leaving.
    So for sure I get how this change happened, and what it means to how you understand what others are going through.

  3. I am using my depressed experience as a tool for solving all problems, as every problem seems too small now. I always say myself “Nothing is worst than that’ and now I love to play with worst because I know how to come out easily.

  4. I go twords . Others they creep. It’s where I’ll rest my bones. It’s when I’ll truly find peace…


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