Editorial Guideline for Script Writers

People come to Psych2Go because they have a love/interest in the field of psychology. We don’t present textbook definitions, nor typical academic jargon. Instead, we make valuable content that simultaneously entertains and educates you. We provide fun articles, quizzes, issues of our magazines, YouTube videos, etc. that take a refreshing and unique approach to help you tap into your inner self. Most importantly, we make it relatable. Our team hopes to raise awareness about mental health and create a safe space that allows for open communication to those who are struggling in life, so we can learn to cope together.

We Are Looking for Someone Who Is:

  • Neat
  • Organized
  • Can meet weekly deadlines
  • A team player (collaborative)
  • Critical about details
    • Well-rounded on grammar and sentence structures
    • Can also look at the big picture and ask the important questions when reading scripts: ex. Why is this information important to the audience? Is this research reliable? Is the tone well-suited for the topic?
  • Constructs feedback in a healthy, supportive fashion that can help the writer improve (remember, we’re all people here)
  • Empathetic
  • Cares about self-improvement and the well-being of others

Style of Our Scripts:

    • Approachable, friendly, and empathetic
    • Explores topics with the audience
      • We try to avoid sounding too textbook-y
      • Instead of providing lectures like a college professor, we remind our audience through the tone and voice of our scripts that we are just as curious as them about self-improvement & psychology
    • We try to keep things professional with a slice of fun here and there (if the topics we approach are more lighthearted, of course)
    • But we also aren’t afraid to delve into more serious topics that can create an emotional bonding with the community members and make them feel heard during times of crises
    • Overall, we value authenticity and vulnerability the most.
      • The audience can pick up on whether we are trying too hard or not. When people watch our videos, even though they only see animations, we want our personalities to show throughout all the work we do (the script is important because it’s the foundation of that).

*We aren’t psychologists, but what keeps people coming back for our content is our ability to empathize and listen and create content that speaks to their needs.

By Catherine Huang


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