Essential Document Management System

LogicalDoc is the best property document management system that is used for handling and sharing each type of documents. Earlier companies used paper-based process such as mailing printing and manual paper failing document, but our document management system replaces all of this costly activity and makes easy our document management system. The software has many functions like allows organizing, index, retrieving, controlling, and distributing important business documents that secure and safe any organization and individual.

Demo of Logical Document Management System

The design of Logical DOC is based on best-of-breed Java technologies to provide a DMS platform. One of the best interfaces is web-based, you don’t need to install anything and access the system through their browser.

The document management system manages personal and business documents and makes it easy to find out the previous document version. LogicalDoc has been localized in 15 languages. LogicalDOC can be set up to supported language in order to apply specific indexing algorithms tailored to a particular language or variant.


  1. Web-based document management system
  2. Document revision
  3. Web service API
  4. Tagging on document
  5. All document history with metadata compassion
  6. Image management
  7. Fully preview document
  8. Document bookmark
  9. Extensible metadata model
  10. Different mobile APP LIKE iPhone, iPad, Android
  11. Multi-platform support like windows, Linux
  12. Explorer component of WordPress
  13. Browser-based like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox
  14. Integration of Dropbox
  15. Browser Extension
  16. Integrated OCR and TWAIN scanner support
  17. Document version and control
  18. Document notes
  19. Search for Luecen
  20. WebDAV and API repository access via
  21. Full text search across the document

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