Changing Habits: The Importance of Finding Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle

Being aware of how bad habits can take their toll on your quality of life, you are determined to change them. You really are, right now. However, tomorrow you might get up on the wrong side of the bed and decide that you can’t do it. You’ll just have a cup of coffee with a bunch of sugar, eat a candy bar and spend your day sitting on the couch and watching TV. But why does this happen? The key to sticking to your good decisions is motivation, so here are three the reasons why it’s important to find it and ways to do it.

Solidarity at its best

Leaning on others for social support is something you shouldn’t see as weakness or feel like you’re burdening them. Finding people who want to help you will probably prove to be less difficult than you think. Some of them will do it simply because they love you that much, but then there are those who will do it out of solidarity. They are the ones who truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve and who probably want to do the same. Holding on to those friends, family members or even co-workers can prove to be exactly what you need to motivate you. For example, having company while working out and knowing that there’s somebody relying on you as much as you do on them can make you more persistent. When there’s a person whose time and efforts you have to respect, you’ll be less likely to give up or find silly excuses not to exercise. It could also mean that there’s somebody who can make you a healthy meal once or twice a week, and somebody who you can cook for as well. Once you reach that unity of both feeling and action, you’ll see how easier things can be when they’re shared with a like-minded person or even several of them.

The art of planning

There is a lot you can gain by making solid plans. Above all, it’s a form of motivation, since it keeps you from faltering due to not knowing what to eat today, not having the necessary ingredients for your meals or you forgetting include a workout session in your schedule. All of these situations can be easily avoided if you just sit down and put everything on paper. When you wake up on Sunday, take time over your morning coffee to make a menu of healthy meals for the whole following week and create a shopping list for all the ingredients you’ll need. Also, go through your meetings and projects at work, so that you can find the perfect time for working out. Go an extra mile and invest in appliances that could help you achieve all of this, like one of the freestanding Maytag freezers which are frost-free and have a fast freezing option. Having a good freezer means that you can make several days’ meals at a time and just defrost them when you don’t have time to cook. The sense of control you get from planning ahead can be very motivational and empowering. It can make you feel like you’re on top of your life and all your decisions.

Make your joy your ally

If maintaining a healthy lifestyle feels like a chore, it could be very difficult to keep up doing it. Staying healthy shouldn’t mean depriving yourself of what you like and doing things you hate. So, try looking at everything from a different angle. For instance, instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t eat, which can make you depressed and push you towards giving up, make a list of all the food that’s good for you. Foods loaded with nutrients and low on calories can be very tasty and satisfying, so once you put them all on your list, you’ll realize that you have more delicious options than you initially thought. There are even some great restaurants with healthy menus that support your dietary choices. Visiting one of them can be a great social activity for you and your friends. And while we’re at the topic of social activities, you can make those healthier and more active, too. Instead of watching a film at the cinema or sitting in a bar, go dancing, ice-skating or simply take long walks. Furthermore, if you consider your gym time a nuisance and the exercises you do there make you miserable, think about the alternatives. Turn to the great outdoors and go hiking, biking or roller-skating and discover new parts of your city or the countryside near it. Instead of working out on gym machines, join a dancing class, try rebounding or take up Zumba. Having fun doing something and finding joy in everyday life is motivation enough to keep you on the right track towards a healthy and fulfilled life.

When you’re properly motivated, there is almost nothing you can’t do. Therefore, figure out what motivates you and create the best possible conditions for reaching all your lifestyle goals.

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