Five Common Thoughts People with Depression can Relate to

Five Common Thoughts People with Depression Can Relate to

I tried to ask some people on their perception regarding depression and most of them think that depressed people would always think about killing theirselves. They defined depression as something that would make a person suicidal and eventually kill his or herself. But people, we are wrong about our views in depression, depression is not always about having suicidal thoughts. I made a list about the five common thoughts that people with depression can relate to.

1. Scared and afraid to face your problem

Some people has depression and anxiety also, and having anxiety while you are depressed will just worsen your situation. Being anxious about anything, like your future or just small things can make you depressed and affect your way of thinking. Depressed people tend to overthink everything and usually they think that the result or the outcome of what they are thinking is negative. It’s hard to have anxiety while you are depressed, it holds you back from every opportunity from your work or school.

2. Socializing became overwhelming

Making friends with new people was very exciting for me, it was somehow interesting to get to know strangers, but as years goes by, socializing with people became a hard thing to do. When I get depressed, I shut the world out, I tried not being active in any social media for a few days and I didn’t entertain any messages. Depressed people tend to isolate themselves whenever they feel that everything is too much for them, any social contact would not help in their situation.

3. Wanting to sleep and do nothing all day

Depression does not only affect you mentally, it also change your daily life. It can make you sleep all day and just do nothing. Depressed people have this thought “there’s nothing to look forward today,” so instead of being excited for a new day, they’ll just lie on their bed all day, they think that even waking up feels exhausting.

4. Losing interest from the thing that you used to like

It saddens me how I lose interest on the things that I used to like. It’s like letting go of something that you cherish the most even though you don’t want to let go of them, it’s just there’s something from inside you that holds you back and drag you down, in result you lack in motivation and inspiration to do those things again.

5. Existential Crisis

Questioning your purpose in life or why do you exist is one of the common thoughts that depressed people can relate to. Depression can make them question the purpose of living, it makes them think why they are alive. It’s not something new, we all came to a certain point when we question the meaning of all of this, but for people with depression they think about it seriously and sometimes they overthink about it.

This list was made to serve as an awareness that depression is not always about having suicidal thoughts, it is not always about “I want to kill myself”, it can be “I sleep all day,” or “I don’t want to do anything.”

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