Five C’s Of Nursing That Holds Great Importance in Every Nursing Assignment in Australia

Nursing is referred to be a profession that includes not only the knowledge of science but also social science. While the nurse is known to have a full-fledged knowledge of the human body, they are also responsible for the social behavior of the patient as well as of the family and the surrounding. 

Yes, it does sound a bit complicated! The students usually get all heated up with the stress and pressure that is usually caused because of the reasons like- examinations, internships, part-time jobs, and extra-curriculums. This is the time when such students take up help for their nursing assignment in Australia. These kinds of service providers are referred to as experts and professional writers who have great knowledge of the subject along with an amazing flair for writing.

Nursing And Its Concept of Care

Nursing as a professional holds in the concept of caring that is considered to be the most important aspect of being a nurse. The “CARE” is bifurcated into five C’s, stating:

  1. Commitment- a nurse is considered to be committed towards its patients beyond the need. 
  2. Competence- as the patient looks up to them for everything, they are supposed to be up-to-date and dedicated enough towards them while showing great responsibility and ability. 
  3. Confidence- whatever the situation comes, nurses are supposed to hold in trust and confidence within themselves to spread positivity amongst the patient and his or her family and friends. 
  4. Conscience-nurses are supposed to be ethical and work with one while performing their duties. 
  5. Compassion – the ability of compassion helps to create a good nurses-patient relationship leading to trust and comfort. 

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