Five Reasons Why it’s Hard to Fall in Love

Five Reasons Why it is Hard to Fall in Love

They say love is the greatest feeling that you would experience in your life. Well, they ain’t lying people often say that they are in cloud 9 or in paradise. In fact, being in love can lessen your depression and anxiety. it can also lower your blood pressure and make your life happier. But, some people find it harder to love or to fall in love. Some came from a deeper reason but some are just not ready. And to find out the other reasons, I made a list about the five reasons why it’s hard to fall in love.

1. You became independent for a long time

Being single for a long time has a downfall also, it made you think that you no longer need someone to love you because you were okay by just yourself, and I’m not saying that is wrong because self-love is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself but of course you also deserve someone who will love you unconditionally.

2. Afraid to fall in love again

People tend to be afraid to fall in love again because of some reason, they were broken, they were betrayed or they got cheated on. They are afraid from the heartbreak that they got from their past relationship. It’s okay to be afraid, sometimes it’s our way to guard our feelings from any heartbreaks, but give yourself a chance to love again. Be afraid once, love twice.

3. Trust issues

This issue is a complicated and need a lot of time to fix. A person with a trust issue sometimes came from a relationship where his or her partner cheated on him or her. They see falling in love again as a hard obstacle that they don’t want to overcome. They have this constant thoughts that their future partner would just cheat on them. Fixing this issue requires a lot of patience and understanding, soon you will manage to trust people again.

4. Low self-esteem

It is one of the things the holds me back whenever I try to love someone, my self-esteem kept telling me that I’m not worth of someone’s love. Which is completely wrong, to boost your self-esteem, always think confidently and love yourself as much as you want to love other people.

5. You’re just not ready to commit

A lot of us are ready to feel love and give love but not all of us are prepared to commit. Some of us, find commitment as something that is hard to grasp and apply that is why some people cheat. Commitment is a big thing, it is one of the things that you should have when you are in relationship along with trust and love.

Give yourself a chance to feel love you deserve the love that you give to other people.

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