Five Ways to Share Large Videos with Online Friends

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A very popular question now, and for some even a problem: how to transfer video via the Internet to another person? We all come across this topic on a regular basis. But it turns out that there are a lot of ways, from sending it in instant messengers and social networks, to uploading videos to the so-called “cloud”, i.e. remote storage. There are five easy ways to share a large video over the Internet, which will be mentioned in this article. The five easiest and most convenient ways for the average user.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

To use the Google Drive service, you must have a Google account. Using the service, you can transfer a large video: directly via Disk. Copy the link to the file directly from Google Drive and then send it to the recipient. The link can be sent to one person, to several addresses, or posted to the public.

In the cloud storage, the file will be available for download permanently until it is deleted from the storage, or public access to this link is closed. For added safety, while working with Google Drive you can use residential proxies because they are highly anonymous and secure. Similarly, you can use the services of another cloud storage service, such as Dropbox. Cloud storages have different sizes given to the user, some of their features.

MASV file transfer service

If for some reason you are not comfortable contacting cloud storage and to save time and nerves, then sending large files in this way will be a great solution. The MASV file sharing service allows you to share videos with online friends with essentially unlimited file sizes. For a premium account using the service, registration may be required.

The main features of the service are such that it is possible to provide a file for only one download. You can put a password on the file, and after a certain period, the files are deleted from the service for security and information protection purposes. In addition, there are no restrictions on the download speed.

Transfer file via torrent

Using the uTorrent client program (or other similar applications), you can share a large video directly between computers. Through the technology operating on the BitTorrent protocol, a file from one computer is sent to another computer, without intermediaries.

The prerequisites for sending a file in this way are that both computers must have a torrent program installed. File transfer occurs only when the addresser’s computer is turned on and connected to the Internet. You will need to go through several specific steps:

  1. Create a torrent file with the extension “.torrent”.
  2. Distribute creation.
  3. Share a torrent file or a magnet link to the addressee in any convenient way.
  4. Upload a large file on another computer to your online friend.

Free file-sharing platforms

Traditional file hosting services are not suitable for exchanging files between users since when used for free on such services, the download speed is very limited. Therefore, for free, a large file will have to be downloaded from there for days.

But such tools have their advantages: The advantages of file hosting services are that files uploaded once do not disappear anywhere over time (as long as at least someone downloads them sometimes). The more files, the more passive income (if this is your main goal). When the videos you upload will be in the thousands, then it will already be possible to judge the level of earnings.


Messengers are another option for exchanging video files of various types and sizes with online friends. Despite the main feature of some messengers – the security of data encryption and more reliable protection, it is worth noting that there are some disadvantages here:

  1. Decrease in the quality of transmitted videos;
  2. Limit on the size of sent files;
  3. Notifications are often delayed.

Each of us has our own requirements for the quality and size of the video. For some, the quality in which the video is transmitted through instant messengers is enough, and then, if the video is short, it is easiest to transfer through one of them. However, if the quality is important, then either MASV or uploading to the cloud. In general, here it is more convenient for anyone.

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