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10 Extremely Fun Jobs for People Who Hate People

Some people just hate most people and that’s okay.

5. Embalming

Remember when we were kids and when we found a dead rat in the street we would poke it or throw Pepsi on it to see what would happen? Embalming is the same thing except instead of rats you have bodies and instead of Pepsi you have chemicals and you actually knew what you were doing. Interacting with people is not an issue when the person you’re working with is already dead, which makes for great listeners. Embalming is the preservation of the dead for funerals, religious reasons, or for medical and scientific purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.

Working hours: 24 / 7.

Payment: $45,060

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:

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  1. You have listed here, 10 jobs.
    You couldnt possibly have put everything on one continuous page, that could be scrolled down…? ?? By the time i got to p 6, your ‘next’ button stopped working altogether. Ave you any idea how infuriating it is to constantly hit Next; Next; Next; Next…..its is SO ANNOYING !!!!

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