10 Extremely Fun Jobs for People Who Hate People


6. Duck Master

Imagine marching couple of ducks through a hotel lobby while everyone is waiting in anticipation. And yes that is a real job. Working with ducks has got to be the most rewarding job for those who prefer animal company over human interaction. All you have to do is learn some duck calls, teach the ducks some tricks, and feed them.

Working hours: unspecified.

Payment: $85000

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information: http://abcnews.go.com/Travel/Media/now-hiring-hotel-duck-master-unique-jobs/story?id=10886910

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  1. You have listed here, 10 jobs.
    You couldnt possibly have put everything on one continuous page, that could be scrolled down…? ?? By the time i got to p 6, your ‘next’ button stopped working altogether. Ave you any idea how infuriating it is to constantly hit Next; Next; Next; Next…..its is SO ANNOYING !!!!

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