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10 Extremely Fun Jobs for People Who Hate People

Some people just hate most people and that’s okay.

8. Toques (Streetside shocks)

Have you ever hated people to the point where you actually wanted to zap them? Then Toques is the best job for you. Get ready to be paid to zap people in the streets. Carry around two metal rods and wait for someone to approach you and pay you to shock them. People who have experienced the shocks actually report enjoying them, mentioning that it feels like an adrenaline rush, better than coffee. It’s a fun job because you can witness your clients’ faces and reactions when you electrocute them before they tell you “Enough! ENOUGH!!”

Working hours: highly dependent on you, but I’d recommend early in the morning where you can see people in suits and briefcases desperately looking for a way to wake up because they forgot to drink their coffee that morning.

Payment: enough to get by.

Where to sign up: you are your own employer.

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  1. You have listed here, 10 jobs.
    You couldnt possibly have put everything on one continuous page, that could be scrolled down…? ?? By the time i got to p 6, your ‘next’ button stopped working altogether. Ave you any idea how infuriating it is to constantly hit Next; Next; Next; Next…..its is SO ANNOYING !!!!

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