Get To Know Psych2Go #15: Dancia Susilo, Your Staff Writer, Ad Sales Manager, ASL Video Contributor


Positions: Staff Writer, Magazine Ad Sales Manager, ASL Video Contributor

Location: Toronto, Canada (for now)

Age: 17

  • What drew you to psychology? 

In seventh grade, I had to write a speech on a topic of my choosing. Since I was feeling depressive at the time, I chose my topic to be on Suicide. Upon researching, I came across a website called PsychCentral which included an abundance of information in regards to mental illnesses. This got me hooked on learning more. In eighth grade, I did my speech on Eating Disorders, focusing on Anorexia Nervosa and Pica. Throughout secondary school, I have been attending various conferences and started my own mental health club. I created an association with TAMI (Talking About Addictions and Mental Illnesses), Headstrong, YouthSpeak, and Jack Dot Org.

  • What made you want to work with Psych2Go?

I actually never even dreamed of working for Psych2Go since I figured it was an unattainable dream. I thought I wasn’t old enough, nor was I a strong enough writer. I had a “gig” on Fiverr to write reviews on various things which is how Tai found me. He wanted me to write a review on Psych2Go’s website. I had heard of Psych2Go before from Tumblr so when I found I would be writing a review on Psych2Go, I was ecstatic. I essentially fangirled over the fact I was talking to the person who started Psych2Go and I rambled on about mental illnesses. He asked for a link of me previous work and figured I was knowledgeable and driven enough to potentially be a writer and offered me a writing position. I was practically on Cloud 9 afterwards!

  • What keeps you coming back?

The community. I absolutely love conversing with readers and getting more input, learning what they want more of. I enjoy sitting back in the forums and brainstorming ideas for my next article topic. It also motivates me knowing I am educating people. Through psychoeducation, I strongly believe you can increase your mental health. Being educated on psychology allows you to recognize signs in friends, family, and yourself, which allows you and others to get the help they require before too many regrets are made.

  • What’s your favorite part about working with Psych2Go?

I would say the team. Everyone works together and helps each other out. Sometimes we group up and think about a topic we should all post around the same time. I truly feel like we are all a part of a family. I can talk to the rest of the staff about practically anything. Sometimes we talk about improving Psych2Go, sometimes we talk about improving ourselves. It’s a great feeling to be able to communicate with various people who are so open minded and intelligent.

  • What do you think you’ll be doing in 5 years? Will it be in psychology?

In five years, I would be in Germany, attending Ruhr-Universita:t Bochum for post secondary education, doing a double major in Linguistics and Psychology. So yes, it will be psychology. I am not yet certain whether I will work in Research Psychology or Clinical Psychology. Hopefully I would be doing more for Psych2Go by then. I would also be working on my own business, The Fit Model, which is a merchandise design business that incorporates mental and physical health with every design created.

  • What’s your favorite area of psychology? Why?

It is currently tied between Research Psychology and Clinical Psychology. For research development, my main interest is in Psycholinguistics. As for clinical, I enjoy learning about mental illnesses. I have a fascination on how language shapes the way we think and act individually and as a society. I conducted my own research study half a year ago on bilingualism on how bilinguals change they way they think cognitively, abstractly, and how their self perception is altered. The languages I included in this study were Slavic languages versus English. If I end up working in the field of clinical psychology, I may go into speech therapy since I already know American and French Sign Language. I am in the process of learning German Sign Language.

  • If you were an animal, what would it be? Why?

I would be an ant because I enjoy irritating my friends for fun. I also enjoy frightening them time to time. With all seriousness, since they are so tiny, they can slip into a multitude of areas unheard, LIKE A NINJA. They also have thick skin and are incredibly strong.

  • Tell us a little bit more about you? 

I have been working in the media industry since I was about six years old, as a model. I focus more on music now. I write and perform my own songs which I constantly make references to mental health issues and coping mechanisms. I hope to release my album by June 2016. I also work on graphic designs for merchandising, posters, musicians, and advertisements.

  • How do we get in touch with you?


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