5 Reasons Why Moderation Is Key to A Healthy Lifestyle

We all have that one friend who can never have a piece of cake or pizza because they know that once they start eating, they can’t stop until they eat the whole thing. Or that one friend who spends their whole salary on shopping the moment they get it and then complain about not having enough money for the rest of the month. The truth is, there are many people in the world who seem to be stuck between the two extremes – deprivation and excess. Neither is good for them, but deprivation seems to come with fewer problems, so they put boundaries on everything they can’t control. However, happiness in life is about balance – and here’s why moderation is the best and healthiest way to go.

Because no type of extreme can be healthy

Every type of extreme behavior can harm you, even if the behavior in question is generally considered to be healthy, like exercising. Of course, doing it regularly can benefit you in more ways than one, but exercising every day, even when exhausted, overworked or simply unfocused, can lead to injury. Your body will always give you a sign when something is wrong, and if you ignore those signs and keep pushing your body over the limit, you’re almost certainly going to harm yourself.

At that point, what you’re doing is no longer healthy; over-exercising can lead to physical injuries as well as heart damage, weakened immunity, and osteoporosis. It can also damage your social life, as working out too much inevitably means that you’re distancing yourself from other people, which can then lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems.

Because extremes can lead to addiction

You’ve probably heard that drinking red wine can be good for the heart, and there are studies that show some correlation between drinking alcohol and living longer. However, this might also be because being able to limit your intake of alcohol implies that you have good self-control overall. Moreover, it’s not a secret that drinking too much alcohol is dangerous for both your body and your mind.

Plus, as we age, our body becomes more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol, which is one more reason why becoming addicted to alcohol can harm you in the long run. So, when your need for it becomes compulsive, get professional help right away. Dealing with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be rough, but have no doubt that it’s easier than dealing with the consequences of overdrinking.

Because it gives you freedom

As mentioned, people often limit their intake of food because they don’t have enough self-control, which also means that they don’t really have freedom. When you can control how much you eat or drink, you’re free to actually have any food and drink you want. For example, you would know that 2-3 slices of pizza can’t hurt you, because you don’t eat pizza every day. The same goes for any kind of unhealthy food or drink. This can also affect your confidence and social appearance, as you’d be able to enjoy things with your friends instead of watching them do something you can’t.

Because it leads to healthy relationships

Moderation should be applied to all aspects of your life and not just food, drinks, and exercising. For example, if you are trying to win over a person you want to date, you might end up either talking too much about yourself or asking them too many questions without saying anything about yourself. This can make you come across as either too self-centered or too shy, neither of which is attractive. On the other hand, when you find a healthy balance between talking and listening, you’re more likely to connect with the person you’re talking to and eventually develop a healthy and meaningful relationship.

Because it gives you more time

Most activities, when taken to the extreme, cost both your health and your time – exercising, gaming, building muscle, drinking, etc. In other words, spending too much time on them means that you have less time for everything else, whether we are talking about work, family, hobbies, or even sleep. Plus, you’re not exactly gaining anything, since, as mentioned, even the healthy activities are only harmful when overdone. This can also lead to psychological problems, as being aware of your lack of productivity can make you feel empty inside. On the other hand, when you do things in moderation, you can manage your time better and accomplish more things every day.


Everything in life should be done in moderation, simply because moderation actually allows you to do everything. Although gaining this type of self-control can be challenging, the benefits of it are definitely worth the effort it takes. So, think about your own habits, find the balance that suits your lifestyle and personality, and you’re bound to be much healthier and happier.

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  1. Social anxiety and stress and this post will help me learn to focus better so I’m not a stressed and when prove my health thank you

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