How do I get free Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are an excellent tool for editing bulk images within a few seconds. As a beginner or expert, you can save a lot of time and effort by using incredible Lightroom presets. On the web, both paid and free Lightroom presets are available. Free Lightroom presets are effective for editing your images to the next level. 

Some free presets have functionality similar to premium LR presets; you only need to find these fantastic elements on the internet. As a newbie, you should not spend a lot of money on purchasing premium lightroom presets; you can use these incredible free Lightroom presets for your projects. 

How do I get free Lightroom presets?

In this blog post, I share some free extensive Lightroom presets that help you make next-level photo editing. You can get hundreds of lightroom presets for free at Sleeklens presets.

Lightroom presets for wedding photography: Lightroom presets are most demandable for wedding photo editing. You can offer an excellent image effect to your clients. Here are some incredible Lightroom wedding presets-

Wedding presets by Lumosmax: Lumosmax wedding presets bundle includes 30 adjustable Lightroom presets suitable for any wedding photoshoot. These marvelous presets offering you inconceivable bright and airy looking at the wedding photos. Lumos Max bundle have both free and paid version. You can use the free version to fulfill your project achievement. 

Weddings Look: Weddings look most effective for editing your wedding photoshoot. You can enhance exposure/brightness, contrast, vibrance, slight vignetting, add warmth, and portrait sharpening. These presets are an excellent suit for dim-witted photos that need brightening the darkness surrounding the subject.

Elegant wedding: Elegant wedding LR presets are incredible for increasing and lowering the image temperature, brightness help for a perfect wedding photo shoot. These preset help you offer a bright look at compelling images for professional photos, social media, and blog posts.

Mad Dash: Mad Dash offers a great contrast-rich and desaturated effect on your wedding photoshoot. These preset brighten your image subject surrounding by providing dark colors to make them pop. You can also be offering a warm, vintage color scheme on your project images.

Photography concentrate: Photography concentrate bundle includes ten presets, groups into two separate pairs of 5, each can provide your images a great and cool looking. You can use these presets to providing infinite custom tones ranging from subtle warming and refrigeration to more intense color effects. 

The Quantum collection: The Quantum collection bundle includes 16 free LR preset that offering cool looking. These marvelous presets offering you HD quality excellent effects on your images. These preset comprises over a hundred effects refined and structured into the supreme standard and dynamic effects.  

Lightroom presets for Baby and Family photography:

Free Lightroom presets are incredible for baby and family photography for offering clean, light, and brighten looking. There are tons of free LR presets for editing your images. Check out these top free presets to boost your photography-

Color print film emulation: 

Color print film emulation bundles of eighteen preset in two volumes of each nine set. It was providing your family photos into various color print film emulations that look breathtaking.

Silky smooth skin: 

For making excellent baby portrait editing, silky smooth skin free LR lightroom preset is great effecting. It excludes shadows in your images turns the baby’s skin tones soft and smooth. It turns the images soft and dreamy.

MCP mini enlightens: MCP mini enlighten suggested by world top photographer effecting for editing various shooting situations. You can use these presets separately or stacked them together for a remarkable variety of looks. 

Desaturate me: Desaturate LR-free presets offering excellent effect on the family photos. It can save a lot of hours by offering an excellent effect within few seconds at the images.

Matt Kloskowski’s spotlight: If you want to provide a radial effect on your project images, you can use Matt Kloskowski’s LR-free presets. You can draw attention by putting a particular spotlight on the images.

Newborn Baby:

Newborn Baby is a marvelous free LR presets that enhances the dynamic range of your client’s images. You will get a soft, subtle, natural-looking through using this preset.

Lightroom presets for Headshots: You can make your headshots stunning and cool looking through using Lightroom free presets.

Milky Noir: Milky Noir LR presets offering your headshots more brightness and washes out the interrupted shadows. These free presets also providing a curve and exposure to your photoshoot.

The badass film looks: If you want a professional-looking at your headshot, you can use Badass film look presets—it proving grungy feel at your images.

CatchingSand black an white pack 1: CatchingSand black and white pack 1 offering a unique color shade. It was providing a cool black and white texture in your photos. There is a lot of free Lightrooms available on the web. You can search through typing and get your desire-free presets. 

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