How to Apply as a Voice Over for Psych2Go

People come to Psych2Go because they have a love of interest in the field of psychology. We don’t present textbook definitions nor typical academic jargon. Instead, we make valuable content that simultaneously entertains and educates you. We provide fun articles, quizzes, issues of our magazine, YouTube videos, etc. that take a refreshing and unique approach to help you tap into your inner self. Most importantly, we make it relatable. Our team hopes to raise awareness about mental health and create a safe space that allows for open communication to those who are struggling in life, so we can learn to cope together.

Our vision is to create the largest community for psychology enthusiasts to connect, learn and apply psychology.

If you get accepted to our team, it means you adhere to:

  • Wanting to use your skill sets to help us grow the community
  • To grow while being with us, and use us in your portfolio, resume, or volunteer or work hours you need.
  • To have your craft shared to the masses.

What separates Psych2Go a part from other companies are:

  • We’re community driven meaning the followers work with us to create content
  • We’re inclusive meaning anyone can apply from any background or personal problems they have and still be a contributing member
  • We are flexible and remote which is often a perk for many people working with us and allows everyone from all over the world to work with us

To get right to it, being a voice over means doing your best to ensure that our video quality are always improving, getting better, even if you are not yet there. We will work with you to help you polish your craft.

Here’s what to submit to us:

  1. How did you first encounter Psych2Go
  2. Tell us about yourself (current education or work experience)
  3. Tell us a time when you were challenged with a difficult task and how you solved it
  4. Tell us a team when you were unhappy with your work and how you confront the situation
  5. Tell us what your motivation is for working with Psych2Go

Lastly, pick an article from our website and do a 1 minute sample on it: here

Our existing team: here



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