How To Be A Better Friend

We all have been through moments where we wanted to make friends or had to become a better friend for the ones we already had. So, if you want to learn how to be a better friend for the ones you’ll still make or for the ones who are already in your life go right into How To Be A Better Friend.



There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the midst of a conversation with our friend and realize that they’re not listening to anything that we’re saying to them. Specially if we are trying to vent.

One of the best qualities a person can have is being that “I’m all ears” kind of person. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to listen to everyone all the time, it’s our choice to give time and attention to people and because of that we gotta be protective with our energy.

So don’t forget that a good friend won’t mind listening and if we’re not emotionally or psychologically available at the moment, we should let them know that.


People oftentimes don’t reach out for support fearing judgment. We don’t even ask for the help of our closest ones (family members for example) because the most received reaction in the majority of the cases is criticism.

Keep in mind, we don’t have to be passionate about the idea of somebody planning to go across the continent by walk but for sure we can be welcoming and supportive for the ones we love even when we are not aligned with their dreams.

Be Honest

The best and most long lasting friendships are those where people can be themselves and speak their mind. If we make a mistake our friend will simply call on us, no need to think twice, this works the other way around as well. If they make a mistake we’ll be there to let them know (kindly) how bad they messed up and that we are there for them if needed.

Be Confident

Our best friend probably has another best friend and that’s OK, no worries. They don’t love us less just because they have other friends or even a crew that we’re not a part of.

Our friendships are our own and they are special in their own way, there is no need for us to compare ourselves to their other buddies. What we have between us is unique and irreplaceable.

Let It Go

Being able to do our favorite things with such great company is almost irresistible but we all need time and space for ourselves and so do our friends. Usually at the beginning of a friendship we’ll want to do things together all the time because we enjoy each other’s company but hey, it can become suffocating and wearing for the both of us. So let’s try finding some balance and enjoy quality time with our friends more moderately.

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