How To Change Your Grades Online Permanently?

Are bad grades a reason your parents grounded you? Been there, done that. Your friends are scoring high while you are still on an F? A majority of teenagers face pressure from their parents and teachers to achieve better in school. And don’t even talk about peer pressure. Still, they don’t do well in their exams. 

Well, it’s time to change that. No, not through extra classes, nerd! I’m talking about changing your grades online. And the best part is your college or university won’t even realize what happened. Any guesses? No? Okay. The answer is Hacking! 

Yes, you can hack the online grades portal of your school/college/university. But how, you ask? There is more than one method to hack your school portal. You can read about them below. 

How to Change Your Grades Online Hack

The initial step to mostly everything is research. You need to collect as much information about the portal as possible. What kind of software are they using? How many people can access it? And the most important thing is the level of security. There are two types of grade hacks: 

Temporary Grade Hack

The main idea behind temporarily changing your grades is to deceive one’s parents or friends. Who’s going to look at it twice, right? It does not even require much effort. You only have to log in to the portal and right-click anywhere on the page. 

Select “Inspect Element,” which allows you to change the values for a short while. But remember, it won’t save the data you enter. Once you reload the page, it will go back to its original form. Well, if you look at it, it’s not hacking. 

Also, there are scripts you can install to make it last a day. With these scripts, you can easily bypass scrutiny from your parents.

Permanent Grade Hack

Now, this is where you cheat your parents, friends, college, and university. To sum it up, the whole education system. Effort and knowledge multiply by ten to perform a permanent hack. You need to know about the firewall, ISP, hosting, etc., that the school is using. 

There are many protocols to follow to hack grades. Before you change your grades, you need to hire a hacker to do that. Then understand the type of tools the hacker will have to use. 

Type of Learning management system that can be changed

There are many systems you can hire a hacker to change your grades on. For any student portal, there are blackboards, canvas, PowerSchool, and many other modules the school uses. 

Before you embarking on the task to hack your grades, know the technique the hackers will employ. Do not change the entire class grades but your specific grades. A professor that knows you, grades should be change minimal.

How to change your college grades online 

When you have a failed course in your college, to hack it, you must be technical especially if you want to apply for another school. Since paper verification can be done, you need an expert hacker who can overlook your school security and handle it properly.

Tools Used By Hackers to Hack Grades

Now, we will discuss the methods of changing your grades permanently. Each one is effective and has its pros and cons. 


You have probably heard about this term because this is an old and standard method used by hackers. Phishing refers to hacking data by disguising oneself as a trustworthy individual of an organization. Through phishing, you can get information about log-in ids, passwords, and URLs that will help you hack into the portal and change your remarks. 

It is not as difficult as the others, and even an amateur can use it. It may sound easy, but the chances of getting caught in the act are higher in this process. You could face severe punishment if detected. So you have to be extra careful.     

Using SQL Injections

SQL or Structured Query Language is a programming language used for the management of databases. An SQL injection is a simple yet powerful way of hacking into school portals. For this method, you must acquire all the knowledge about the language. It injects a malicious code Into the portal, which reveals all the hidden details. 

You can then change your grades and boast about it to your friends. The fun part is that you will get ids and passwords of all the students. It might be the perfect time for revenge from those bullies. And getting caught is highly unlikely as the source of the attack will not be visible to the authorities.      

Brute Force Attack

If your guessing game is good, this attack might come in handy. In this attack, the user enters random username combinations into the portal, and one of them might work if he’s lucky. It is not an ideal method and also a lengthy one. It’s a game of luck. If the passwords are easy, like 1234 or 12345, consider yourself lucky. But probably the system won’t be that stupid. 

I mean, a kid can hack it if their password is the first four consecutive numbers and that too in sequence. The odds of detection are minimal unless you face a denial from the server. In this case, the server will trigger an alarm to alert the authorities, who might start an investigation.           

Hiring A Hacker To Change Grades

Easy, convenient, and time-saving. These three advantages are enough for anyone to opt for this method. Why do all the work? Better give it to the professionals because they are the experts in the field. You can find hundreds of websites that offer hacking services. But the person you hire must know about portals and grades and grade portals. To hack grades, a hacker must understand the type of website the school uses.

There are articles online that guide how to hack grades within minutes but you need verified hackers such as Hack wizards to come through with finishing the task.  There are websites to hire dark web hackers to sort these problems.

Summing It Up

Hacking a school grade portal is not everyone’s cup of tea. One mistake and you could end up in prison. The other way would be to study and score better, but that’s a preposterous suggestion for some. Keep in mind the dangers and then decide on a method. Evaluate their pros and cons before making a decision. Be careful while using any of these methods. Better still, hire a professional hacker to change your grades.      If you have decided to go through with the plan, the Hack wizards website is available to attend to you and guide you.

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