How to Choose The Best VPN for Torrenting


There is no single VPN company that is the best and/or better than any other. It is not like the console wars where one is declared the winner after each development cycle. When it comes to VPN, there are certain services that will suit certain people. It is all about picking the right VPN service that suits you. Picking and choosing the right VPN should give you peace of mind, and offer more than token security and website unblocking. Here are a few things to consider when picking your VPN service.

Get Online and Read Reviews

VPN services are pretty popular, which means there are plenty of customers kicking around the world, and ergo plenty of customer reviews on the Internet that you can check out. There are websites like, where you can learn about VPN services so that you know what to buy. Then there are websites with user reviews, and there are a few review websites that offer several insights you can use to pick the right type of VPN for you. 

Getting the “Right” Type of VPN

The “Right” type of VPN doesn’t have a lot to do with service quality. Obviously, you want a good VPN with good service quality, but there is more to it than that. For example, if you want VPN so that you may use a Torrent website or Torrent software, then there are VPN services that are brilliant at that sort of thing. 

If you are looking for increased security and protection from hackers, then there are VPNs that are great at that too. Some are better at keeping malware off your system, and some are good at unblocking certain websites. 

There are also VPN server locations. For example, one VPN company may be fantastic at its job, but you are looking to watch USA YouTube, and that VPN company doesn’t have VPN servers in the USA. Depending on your intended use for VPN, you will have to pick the “Right/Correct” VPN service accordingly.

Do Not Trust Reviews

There are several reviews you cannot trust. For a start, when a VPN company shows you reviews on their own website, then those are not trustworthy. There are also many review websites where they promote the companies that pay them the most. Some user review websites have spammed positive reviews on them from the VPN marketing department. Plus, even independent reviewers are often paid and/or use make affiliate sales with their VPN reviews.

What you need to do is look for commonalities on negative reviews. If a company keeps getting complaints about a certain aspect of their service, then that is probably a genuine problem. You can also use reviews to figure out more information about a VPN company, such as if they unblock certain streaming websites, or if they offer better speeds for downloaders. Simply keep in mind that you cannot trust online reviews, but online reviews are still useful especially if you are looking for VPN features and genuine negative points about a VPN service.

Check the Actual Homepages of the Many VPN Services You Research

The good VPN services are pretty well marketed, and their home pages often tell you everything you need to know from how long their service contracts last, to where they have servers in the world. Gather up a short list of suitable VPN services and visit them individually to see what they can offer. Plus, you can probably get a better view of their genuine prices from their website rather than trusting third party selling websites.

Also, when you are visiting these websites, grab a free month or a trial. It will give you a chance to see what the VPN service is like, and to see if it offers the sort of services and functionalities that you need. Just make sure that it is not one of those contracts where you have to cancel it. There are some nastier VPN services that say you get a free trial, but it rolls over into a paid trial if you do not cancel it. You actually want a free trial that expires, not one that you have to cancel.

Get Online and Visit Forums and Comment Sections

Similar to checking online reviews, you should look at forums and comment sections where VPN services are discussed because negative points and possible problems with the VPN service will often spring up from the words of real users. The thing is that marketing departments will happily spam popular review websites with positive comments, but they forget to spam the comment sections and forums.

Final Thought – Torrent Security for the Sake of Appearances

Using Torrent software is not illegal. Yet, we all know that people use Torrent software and Torrent websites to share copyrighted material. However, what the mainstream media doesn’t realize is that torrenting is key to cooperative working and required file sharing. Teams are able to share massive programs so that they may work together, and are able to share huge video files, game files, and so forth, and it is far faster and easier using torrents than it is using the Cloud. Plus, sometimes people wish to share content with their fans, and the best way to do it is to use Torrent software. Such as people who use Patreon where they publish a vanilla version of their video on YouTube, and then the more mature version (with swears and such) is shared through their website and Patreon page using Torrent files.

Yet, if you have Torrent software, then people (including government agencies, watchdogs, and Internet service providers) are going to assume you are downloading copyrighted material. This is especially true of Internet service providers who tag you as a downloader just for visiting certain Torrent websites, or detecting torrent use, and will throttle your Internet use because of it. Using VPN for torrenting is not just good common sense, it is modern necessity.

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