How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Outfit

Everyone has their best feature, something that we call an asset or “X factor.” Whether it is their face, shoulder, buttocks, legs, something is bound to stand out. You can further accentuate these features by choosing the right clothing and accessories. 

You can play around with embellishments, styles, and other details and see where accessorizing takes you. But at the same time, you do not want to look as if you are trying too hard.

How you manage your clothing and your accessories are the key to always look good. Here is a useful guide on how to pick the right accessories for your outfit

Choose Statement Pieces

If you want to make your jewelry in focus, then go for a statement piece. For example, a black or neutral-colored bodycon would amazingly work well with hanging earrings and a gold choker. 

A layered statement necklace is excellent if you are wearing a collared striped shirt or a v-neck. Similarly, a bold necklace will work well with a leather jacket and ripped jeans for a cool and laid-back chic look. 

Wear Only Three Large Accessories

Sometimes, wearing too much is not a good thing, and you do not want to look like a kid playing around with your mother’s stuff.

When it comes to wearing accessories, especially big ones, exercise a little bit of restraint. It is possible to combine big accessories in a single outfit but tone it down to at least three or four pieces.

Apart from that, these accessories should also match in style, color, and type of material that they are made from. 

If you already have big statement earrings on, then do not add a cocktail ring, dozens of bangles, and a scarf. Your goal is not to overwhelm your overall look by wearing large accessories. 

Use Small Jewelry Sets

Accessories like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can sometimes look tasteless if they are too big.

If you have small accessory sets, you can wear them together for a more neat and classy look. Make sure that it matches your whole outfit. 

No Bulky Scarf for Large Collars

You do not need to add scarves in your outfit, especially if it features a large, bulky collar. 

As a general rule, big collars do not do well with large scarves. You can wear a light kerchief on your neck instead or beneath your outer clothing.

This will make you look more stylish, and your entire outfit well-put-together. 

Large Rings Don’t Suit Everyone

If your fingers are short, then you should go for thinner and medium-sized rings. Using thick rings will only make your fingers look shorter. 

On the other hand, if you opt for a thin ring, you will increase your finger’s visual length, making it appear longer. 

Don’t Wear Black Shoes With a Pastel Outfit

Pastel hues go hand in hand with light-colored shoes.

So, if you are wearing accessories for a pastel outfit, then you should stay away from black, as dark shoes do not work. 

Your Hand Bag Doesn’t Have to Match Your Shoes

Forget the rule that tells you that your handbag should match or be the same color as your shoes. Choosing a handbag that matches well with your shoes is not really compulsory. 

If you have bright-colored shoes, it is better to pick a handbag that has a contrasting color. 

Always Experiment!

Experimenting is not changing your style. It is all about playing with elements that will help elevate your current fashion choices and turn it into something spectacular. 

You can achieve that by wearing a unique overcoat, an intriguing accessory, a classic jewelry piece, or even a new haircut. It is alright to experiment every once in a while!

Don’t Overdo It

These days, layering is the trend. Just be careful that you do not go overboard, though.

If you want to use your jewelry to accessorize, then you can stick with a single area if you wanted to do a bit of layering. If you want to layer a single area, then you might as well skip big, bold statement pieces in other areas. 

Stay True to Your Personal Style

While picking a particular look for a particular occasion will work that one time, you should incorporate your statement towards all your style choices. 

Make sure that the accessories and jewelry options that you pick stay true to your style. Just let your creativity guide you!

Over to You

Accessories can make or break your overall look. No matter how well-out an outfit is, it might look trashy if you are using the wrong accessories.  

Also, make sure that whatever your choices are, it should match with your persona. It is also essential that you should enjoy everything when it comes to your style choices, no matter how edgy, quirky, or different, it may seem!

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