How to Create a Healthy Home to Enhance Mental Health

With news of mental-related deaths rising with each passing day, the importance of positive mental health has never been so evident. Moreover, the safest place to start enhancing mental health is at home. So when thinking of a clean, hygienic, and accident-free home, it is important to keep in mind the need for an environment that boosts the mental health of all its occupants. When mental health starts at home, it becomes easier to handle stress and make choices that enhance good mental health out there.

Here are 5 ways you can create an environment that enhances emotional, psychological, and social well-being at home.

1.  Create quiet spaces at home

Having a quiet time for a few minutes every day allows opportunities for self-reflection. When you sit in silence, the inner noise is turned down, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. It also cultivates mindfulness, allowing you to appreciate the present. In addition, silent moments calm the mind, allowing it to get rid of stress. All these are important for a healthy brain and mind. You can designate quiet spaces around the home that family members can use for these purposes. For instance, a reading nook on the balcony can be great for such reflective moments. You can also set rules such as no phones or devices allowed in such spaces so that people can fully benefit from such spaces.

2.  Declutter

They say that cluttered spaces are cluttered minds. They actually add stress whenever you try to find something hidden in the clutter. For positive mental health, ensure that you keep a clean and organized home. Start by getting rid of things that you no longer use to create space for useful items. You can also invest in storage cabinets or storage bins so that you can have ample storage space for all your items. The idea is to remove unnecessary objects out of sight so that the mind can concentrate on matters that are more important.

3.  Include houseplants in your décor

Being around nature calms the mind. This plays a role in getting rid of daily stresses. The good thing is that you can bring nature into your home in the form of houseplants. Plants such as lavender are perfect for any home especially for those people who don’t get time to unwind when they are out and about during the day. This plant has a pleasant floral smell that works well in reducing anxiety and creating a calm environment.  Another great plant is the peace lily that can be a symbol of peace and tranquility. Just looking at the beautiful foliage is calming and sends positive vibes to the brain. Other plants that you can consider include aloe vera, snake plant, and eucalyptus among others.

4.  Have everyone stay hydrated

Most people often overlook water when looking for solutions to their health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The fact is that every system of the body including the brain uses water to function properly. When the body is well hydrated, brain function is enhanced. On the other hand, dehydration hinders the production of energy in the brain, slowing down its functionality. Dehydration also affects the production of serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for your moods. When produced in low levels, the moods change to irritability and negative feelings.While staying hydrated is important, drinking clean water is more important. You can ensure that your family drinks clean water by investing in an aqua water filter. This is important in filtering toxins and impurities from the water, allowing you water that is clean for your family.

5.  Create a safe emotional haven at home

Most mental illnesses sprout from bottled emotions that were never expressed. Creating a safe place where everyone can express their feelings without the fear of being laughed at or judged is important. You can achieve a safe emotional haven with the following;

  • Enhance relationships and trust by providing time for each other
  • Offer affection for your family members
  • Establish rules that banish negative behavior such name-calling or body shaming
  • Validate every member’s emotions
  • Hold those tough conversations regardless of how uncomfortable they feel

Extra tip for youWhile enjoying your stay at home you might also be active and creative in the meantime. A way to do this is by making an online profile where you can give advice to the audience. Making a profile for different daily causes would definitely have a good impact on your mental health. Try learning tips for a dirty keto diet and inspire people who are dealing with a diet to keep it up. It will make you happier when you help others.


Fostering mental health at home is critical in evoking positive responses to how your family members behave, feel, and think both at home, and at school/work. It raises people who are optimistic and hopeful in life. The good thing is that creating a healthy environment at home that promotes positive mental health is as easy as implementing the above five tips.

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