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How to Organize Smartly Your Summer Vacation Budget?

How to choose the best deals for summer vacation?

Summertime is vacation time and this season is the chance for you to be with friends and family and enjoy some bonding time. If you’ve made your research, you’ll discover that there are plenty of amazing places to visit and even more so, you probably know that certain destinations and activities are more budget-friendly than others. To get the best value for your money all you need to do is to make thorough research and compare packages and travel services.

Also, be on the lookout for promos because these can help you save money. There are many vacation categories and you should choose the type that fits your goals and interests. Remember that whatever your budget is, you can make it work so you can give yourself a relaxing time out. Give yourself a break this summer. Go to someplace new, and build long-lasting good memories with the people you love.

Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad is exciting and can give you the opportunity to see and experience a new culture. It is highly educational and can be life-changing. You will get experiences and possibly taste new flavors you won’t get in your local area. Before you pack your bags, be sure you will pack it with all of your essential travel items such as chargers, documents, a change of clothes, disinfecting wipes and more.

Besides, you have to make intensive research. One of the biggest expenses you will have is for airline tickets so be sure to get the lower priced airfares. Always search for discounts when booking. You should also be aware of the refund policies of your airline, booking site or travel agent. You should consider purchasing travel insurance. You don’t want to get the surprise of your life and be disappointed that your trip was canceled on the day you chose to travel.

When you get to your destination you can explore some options that will help you save further without sacrificing having a great experience. You can ditch the hotel and live like a local, among locals. Hotels are expensive and keep you away from the day to day life and culture of a city. You can opt for a hostel, rent a room or book on home sharing sites like or

Going for a budget trip brings you closer to the people in the place you are visiting and also allows you to have unique experiences.


If you don’t want long distance travel you may decide that camping is a good activity for the summer. Camping is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Since camping is cheaper you have a chance to invite more people including extended family, neighbors, and friends. You can even bring along your pets. To have a successful and budget-friendly camping trip, planning is important.

Some of your expenses will go to food and camping gear. When you are considering food during camping you should know that you don’t have to spend a lot. Stick to home-cooked meals or prepared meals. Some foods that are easy to prepare are tacos. They are tasty and both kids and adults love them.

Another thing to consider is to avoid expensive campgrounds. High-end camping grounds like Camp Gulf in Miramar Beach, FL, costs $219 per night during the summer. These are exceptions though and generally, just expect to shell out about $12 to $25 per night for a camping permit. Even more economical are free camping sites. You can find one in your area by simply searching at or When it comes to camping equipment, you can save a lot by renting or borrowing. There are shops that rent out quality camping gear for a price. Of course, when you go camping don’t forget to bring some waterproof tarps. These tarps are versatile and can be useful in a number of ways. Use them as shade, picnic mat or water receptacle.

Short Distance Travel

Travel doesn’t have to be far; you can explore the sights and experiences within your local area or home country. You have to ask yourself have you explored every nook and cranny in your immediate local area? If you are planning for local travel, one inexpensive way to do it is to have a road trip. Not only will you be saving on airfare but you will also get the opportunity to see some amazing sceneries along the way. Have a gas allowance and determine how much you will have to allow for it in your budget. If you are planning this kind of travel you should get your vehicle checked and tuned up. Check everything such as tires, belts, battery and spark plugs. It is less expensive to do some maintenance than having an emergency road service.


You should give yourself the joy of doing something new this summer without breaking the bank. Traveling on a budget shouldn’t be hard if you know how to plan and track your expenses. Choose the best deals and alternative options that help you make huge savings but still guarantee you a pleasant experience.


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Written by Lilly Myers

Lilly Myers is a freelance content writer and social worker at Beverly Hills Speech Therapy. She has just recently received Master's in Medical Sciences. Besides her occupancy she tries to find a spare time for volunteering and helping the people with disorders.

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