How to Stay Positive During the Stressful Exam Period

It is perfectly normal to feel worried and stressed during an exam period. Exams signify progress, and failing could mean stagnating in the same course or subject for another semester or year. That is why it is understandable to be anxious around the exam period. However, too much worrying could be the start of failure. It is always important to try to stay positive even when the exam period threatens to be stressful. Here are four tips to help you in keeping positive and motivated regardless of how stressful the exam period seems to be.

1.       Prepare well for the exam

From attending classes to completing assignments, the period leading to an exam is always a tough process. This is why preparing well for the same is key to ensure your efforts throughout the whole process do not go futile. Different fields have different tests. For instance, financial analysts take the CFA test and physicians take the USMLE exam among others. Just as the tests are different, preparing for different tests takes different approaches. However, going through practice questions beforehand never disappoints for any exam. For example, if you are a physician preparing to sit for the USMLE exams, you could check for the USMLE practice questions before the real exam time just to familiarize yourself with the exam. By so doing, you are more guided on how and where exactly to revise more from the very long syllabus. This way you save a lot of time and raise the chances of revising right to build more confidence. In addition, it would be better to ask for help where you don’t understand to ensure you are fully confident of what you are to write in the exam.

2.       Remind yourself it is not the end of the world

As much as exams are important and some could determine the fate of your academic life, it is still not the sole determinant of your whole life. Yes, you could have done a thorough revision but still, the first paper ended up extremely difficult for you, or at least not the way you expected.  At this point, you can only keep a hopeful mind that the next one will be favorable and that you will concur.Of course, it can be extremely difficult to keep a positive mind when the papers you have tackled have proved difficult for you. But if you are to tackle the rest of the papers successfully, it is important to stay focused. In this case, it is illogical to keep redirecting your mind to the papers that you have already done. Try as much as possible to keep your thoughts on conquering the next one.

3.       Allow your mind to rest once in a while

As the saying goes, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. It is extremely unfair to your mind to keep revising nonstop from morning to evening. The truth is that you are risking collapsing your mind, so to speak. It gets to a point where your brain cannot take it anymore and instead of reading to understanding, you end up getting confused. Ensure that you are getting breaks in between your revision period to give your mind a rest and time to rejuvenate.

It is also good to let the people close to you, for instance, your parents and friends know of your revision and the oncoming exams. This is simply to stop them from distracting you with house chores or lunch invites when you should be resting or revising.

4.       Think of ways to appreciate yourself after the exams

It can be really motivating for you to know that you have something positive coming up right after going through a rough exam time. By the mere fact that you are able to plan for a trip or put a budget aside to buy yourself a gift after an exam is awesome enough. It means you are thinking positively that you are going to remain intact emotionally regardless of how the exams will turn out. The fact that you are able to face the exams should be encouraging enough and you should appreciate yourself for it.


Exams times are temporary and they are usually for a good course. Just think of it as a gateway to a higher position. This is a workable method to keep a positive mindset. In any case, you will only be tackling the exams for a short time and hence you ought to invest your all time and energy there.

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