How to Stop Liking Your Crush

How to Stop Liking Your Crush

    It can be incredibly hard to stop liking someone whom you really thought you could see a future with. It can be even harder if you see this person on a daily basis or have met them at work.  I have experienced both, crushing on people that turned out to be not so great of a match for me. I have listed FIVE positive tips for you to consider on how to stop liking your crush.

1. Get Out There and Try Again

    While it may be tough to hear those words, it is vital to not stop and think about what did not work out. The reality of letting go of something or someone is realizing there are better opportunities coming in. To be able to let these new persons or things into your life you have to be open to receiving them. So, picking yourself up and dusting yourself off is key. As soon as the moment presents itself go out and celebrate in whatever way feels true to you.

    Katie Sweeny, writer for stated, “Dating is tough, especially when you inevitably run across a few frogs before finding a prince. You’ll need a good support group in place. As Carrie Bradshaw said, “No matter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.” Rally your gal pals together.” 

       Even if the first night out on the town is not about finding a match, getting out and making yourself available is a sure way to stop liking your crush. 


2. Be OPTIMISTIC, not Pessimistic

    Seeing the glass half full after having to bear the crushing defeat of someone not working out is not easy. There may be tears, tissues, and ice cream but after acknowledging those emotions optimism will take you a long way. It is important to not carry resentment into new relationships. Being optimistic about your future will begin the domino effect to stop liking your crush. 

    According to Jessica Levy of, “ Optimists trust in fate and in themselves. If it didn’t work out, an optimist won’t blame herself or go crazy trying to wonder what she could have done differently to save the relationship. She knows that there is a reason for everything that happens in life. if it wasn’t meant to be, the right guy will come along eventually.” 

    Adopting this mindset will help you see the positive in any situation in life. But, when it comes to crushing on someone who did not work out, you’re able to move on feeling lighter.


3. Focus on Yourself 

When you focus on yourself you become more self-aware. When you become self-aware you are able to see certain character traits that you attract into your life. Whether they are positive or negative, taking time to stop and process what works for you in the dating scene and what doesn’t will help you get over who didn’t work out. The goal is to focus on yourself so you are able to date people for your highest good. 

Lauren Margolis of shares, “Keep a positive attitude and focus on loving yourself. These are two very critical things; when you have a positive outlook on life and you give yourself lots of love, you’ll feel good. You’ll feel so good that your confidence will soar and everybody will start to notice how happy and independent you are.”


4. Pick Up a New Hobby

Ask yourself: What do I like? What do I want to do? And do exactly that (in a constructive way) find a new hobby to distract yourself. You can go hiking to get fresh air, swim to clear your mind or paint to release creative energy. Picking up a new hobby is a great way to stop liking a crush. 

Any Johnson of states, “A good hobby is entertaining, fulfilling and will enhance your life. There’re in fact many mental benefits of having hobbies.” Amy Johnson lists 50 Low-cost hobbies that will excite you. 

I love to write and read as a hobby. Whether I’m killing time or wanting to release stress writing and reading is my go-to when I need a distraction. I recently started painting to express myself. But mostly because I took a break from the dating scene. Gaining a new hobby made me learn more about myself. Firstly, I am good at painting and secondly, I  tend to date, codependent people. Sitting and focusing while I’m writing, reading, or painting I’m able to process thoughts to a positive conclusion. Finding a new hobby and getting closer to yourself is a great way to do that. 


5. Distance Yourself 

I saved the hardest tip for last. Distancing yourself from someone you like is tough. But, it is the best thing you can do to move forward. Delete text messages, photos, and social media affiliations.  If you and your crush frequent the same places this will give you the opportunity to discover new places. If you are serious about not liking your crush then you have to distance yourself. Not for forever, but until your emotions are in check. If you know it is better to move forward without ever looking back then do what is true to you. 

Writer at says, “If you do not know what exactly motivates you into meeting others then you may have to spend some time getting to know who you are so that you can understand what makes you the happiest out of everything else.” 

When you distance yourself you are able to connect with yourself. Becoming closer to yourself is more rewarding than anything because nobody is going to crush on you the same way you crush on yourself.

These five personal tips are effective ways to stop liking a crush. It may seem like an uphill battle to getting back on your game, but if you consider the list above you will find yourself on your way to emotional freedom. 

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