How to Write the Referencing list in APA 7TH Edition

There are two types of quotes, namely, narrative and parenthetical. 

  • Narrative quote the name of authors in the sentences are there 
  • Parenthetical quote the details of citations are stated in parentheses which are followed by the quote.  

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What are the things one must include in his or her APA reference list?

  • On a new page write the list of references
  • Heading – References, center-aligned  
  • Books, articles, journals, online sources, etc references must be included no matter what the format is 
  • Alphabetical order of surnames of authors from A to Z
  • Double spacing is used
  • End with a full stop always
  • References ending with a DOL or a URL, don’t put a full stop  

For a journal article, include – 

  • The surname of the writer or writers, followed by 1st initials
  • Put the year of its publication in brackets rounded always
  • The title of the article
  • In italics put the volume of the journal
  • Put the issue of the journal, not in italics
  • Range of ranges
  • DOI as hyperlinks
  • Left align the 1st line of the citation 

For a book, include – 

  • The surname of the writer or writers, followed by 1st initials
  • Put the year of its publication in brackets rounded always
  • The title in italics
  • Put the edition in rounded brackets if other than the 1st one
  • State the publisher
  • Put DOI
  • Left align the 1st line of the citation 

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