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The Image You See First Reveals A Lot about Your Current Nature – Part 4

Everyone loves a good psychological test now and then as it makes good reading and a chance to dig deep into your personality. While there are many online, some are truly unique in the manner of testing such as these, where the image you see first reveals your personality.

Given below are two in one images entwined with one another designed in such a way that your mind registers only one image at first glance. Don’t prolong too long over an image. Only regard what you see first as that image is the one that will give you the correct analysis of your personality. The test is based on 3 kinds of optical illusions such as literal illusions that can create images different from the actual ones that make them. Cognitive illusions resulting from unconscious reasoning and psychological illusions that result from excessive stimulation. So go ahead and take the test

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What did you see first? Go to the next page to see the results!


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  1. So I’m a lesbian. Also when I take how male or female are you psyc tests I come out very male. Should I then use the male interpretation? It actually fits me, a woman. Perhaps your test is more about attraction and less about gender?

  2. Whe looked I first I saw a couple making out; it was the woman’s face that caught my attention because it looked like it was positioned wrong in comparison to the man’s face

  3. I like all the answer because they don’t tell the same thing but with different word, all test I have take usually have the same answer (a. like you are loved, b. everyone depend on u, c. they take your advice= all of that the same answer)

    So I like this test

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