Impacts of Online Gambling on the young generation

Introduction of Technology

Most young people will testify having the best lives ever with technology which has become a part of life. One may think that in some years to come, technology will add to the list of basic needs we have known. Having phones, computers, tablets, TV, and other technological devices at their exposure is a significant risk factor to some internet-related problems. People can assume that a young person cannot engage in other activities apart from communicating with family members and friends online.

Reliance on technology with all its developments has some negative impact on young people. In the field of entertainment, communication, socializing, and others, the world is somehow safe. Apart from pornographic sites, most children below 18 have access to situs judi online on their phones, PC or tablets. Gambling starts in their childhood while engaging in scratchy cards, lottery tickets and card games at home. Later in life, the children become addicted to other betting games found online.

How can a parent tell if a teenager has gambling problems?

Parents who are busy at their workplace don’t have time to interact with their children. A responsible parent or guardian will always set-apart time to spend with their children. It helps check on their progress physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. A child who engages and is becoming an addict to gambling will show the following signs:

The amount of money a child has is evidence since most parents provide children with pocket money to spend on their fun activities. A child who suddenly appears with an incredible amount of money should raise an eyebrow. Also, a child who conflicts with peers, friends and family over borrowed money should be a concern. The enormous amount of money could be from winning a bet, or the debts owed were for betting.

A sudden drop in school performance – Poor performance by a child who has always been on the top of the class should raise the alarm. As a parent, you will be surprised to find your child focusing on betting sites instead of studying.

Self-negligence and secrecy – The child will not accept having problems and will deny their engagement in gambling activities. Besides, they tend not to care about the things that matter in their lives to the extent of withdrawing from social events, family members and friends.

Overindulgence with internet gambling sites, sports results, video and gambling games, resulting in a positive attitude towards games and sports than they did before.

Irritation by unusual things – The child shows low energy levels, tiredness and change in sleep patterns, mood swings and rage, especially when away from gambling activities.

Ways of dealing with gambling problems in teens

A child is open to learning, and if you want to save them from gambling, a dialogue will work best. Engage them in conversations about online gambling pointing out the risks and cons associated with it.

Regulate the time your child is stuck on screens by engaging them in other essential activities to help build their lives. Staying idle could be a factor that attracts young teens to these gambling sites.

Ensure your activities and attitudes will not be a drive towards your child’s gambling issues. A parent who gambles and their children are aware that it will act as an example to them.

Seek counseling and psychological sessions for them to help deal with gambling problems

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