Introvert Superhero: The Villains

I was very excited to see that a few people seemed enthusiastic about my Introvert-Extrovert Superhero duo.

The main questions I got seem to be about the super villains and the dynamics between the Introvert and the Extrovert.

Let met start with the villains, because I have put a lot of thought into them. What I’m thinking is that the Villains are very extreme versions of the introvert and the extrovert. To clarify, here’s an example:

One common misconception about Introverts is that we are anti-social, or that we completely hate society and people. The truth is that we are merely asocial, meaning we simply don’t care about society one way or the other. We are indifferent to it. The difference between these traits is that one is commonly found in Introverts while the other is commonly found in Sociopaths.

So, the Introvert’s boss – the up and coming CEO that she has to play secretary to is actually anti-social and a sociopath. Meanwhile, a politician who hires the extrovert to write for her campaign is a very extreme extrovert. She doesn’t just need to be around people, but she needs every ounce of attention from all of those people. An extreme narcissist.

So what threat do these villains pose? Well, as brother and sister, they’re a deadly pair. As a sociopath who prefers machines to people, he can hack every single electronic in the world. He can delete every article that incriminates his sister and threaten people from the safety of his own home. Meanwhile, she forces the rest of the world to focus on her so that her brother can hack into every single government computer in the White House or the Pentagon. They literally can take over America.

Am I missing anything vital?

Now for the dynamic between the heroes. I have a few idea and options for that. They could start off as a couple and their jobs – both day and night jobs – puts tension on their relationship. Or they could start off single and compete against one another until they realize they need the other’s help. An option I like is that in their day to day lives, they don’t get along at all, but they are intrigued by the other’s alias.

What scenario would you all like to see? Leave a comment below!

They Paint us as the Villains, we just autograph the artwork.
Ah, Villains; the best part of every story.



Edited by Viveca Shearin


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