There are many types of introverts. While most of us understand introversion as scientifically someone who needs alone time to recharge as opposed to social stimulations, there are subtypes of introverts. Take this quiz to find out what subtypes you might be!

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    • This was a fun test! I also like to visit historical monuments, but I prefer to do so on my own time. There’s more flexibility.

  1. Accurate although like most introverts my psychology is complex, some extroverts would have us believe we have disorders brought on by all manner of things, but I like to think we’ve evolved in a different direction and simply not feeling alone or abnormal is lifting, I was painfully shy as a child now 42 and made to feel awful

  2. My result was Thinker, which is quite accurate; the MBTI indicates I’m an INTP and my self-description (or whatever it’s called) on FB says “I’m an indecisive, intellectual underachiever.” 🤔

  3. I’m really curious to know what kind of introvert I am, but it isn’t showing my results after I’ve answered the questions. How do I fix this?

  4. A very interactive approach… great initiative… Keep on post such quizzes.. it’s absolutely great to explore more about oneself…

  5. The quiz says I’m an anxious introvert but I’m actually not *that* anxious, I’m actually rather a thinking introvert. I may be anxious introvert but I actually don’t know about any anxious disorder, or however you want to call it, I may have, though I wonder if I’m a bit socially anxious.

    Didn’t want to write a “that” long comment, couldn’t stop myself… ^_^”
    (Correct me if there are any grammar mistakes.)

    • Btw, I guess, I’m an INTP/INTJ (rather INTP), not really sure yet, and also a bit HSP (I may not be as highly sensitive as some others may be but, I’m quite sure, I’m an HSP).

      • I’ve retaken (is this correct in this context?) the quiz, changed two answers and now the result is thinking introvert, which makes more sense, in my case, imo.

        I changed “Walking alone in nature trails and forests” to “I don’t vacation often” because I actually don’t vacation often because I have too less money and I’m not 18 yet.

        I also changed “People can join me if they want to, but I won’t ask people to hang out” to “Having a good friend along for the ride is fine by me” because if I had friends (especially “good” ones), I would ask them to hang out… sometimes.

        Sorry if I’m bothering anyone with my comments, just wanted to write about it, somehow. Maybe someone cares. xD

  6. Very interesting. I love all things psychology, especially in new understanding of myself and others around me. I always felt that there were different levels of introverts. Just like there are different levels of extroverts and then there are ambiverts. great work!

  7. I got thinker but I feel like I am a social introvert and a thinking introvert because i’m only social around people i’m close with and keep most of my thoughts to myself.

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