Introverted Superhero: A Work in Progress

So I’ve had this idea for a really long time: create a mini-web comic about an introverted superhero- as in their introversion is their super power. I would talk about the trials and tribulations that come with that situation. Today, I added even more to the idea.

What if it was not just an introvert but a team with one introvert and one extrovert? A couple that no one expected. Fresh new adults, they are each trying to get by in occupations that do not fit with their personalities at all. She is a secretary who answers the phone and sets up appointments for an up and coming CEO. He’s a freelance writer who works from home.

Her “super powers” are “invisibility”, “talking to animals”, and “hacking”. In other words, she wears all black and is so quiet that no one notices when she enters a room. She prefers animals to humans and understands them much better. She has mastered internet because she uses it daily to avoid people.

His “super powers” are “charming”, “psychic abilities”, and “master of disguise”. In short, he’s so charismatic that he can get anyone to like him. He knows enough about a lot of people to be able to either call in favors, appeal to their wants/needs, or play up their fears. He never seems out of place in crowds because he’s assertive enough to convince people that he can belong anywhere where there’s a lot of people.

To make things interesting, they have friends that are twin ambiverts who work in law, which is how Introvert Girl and Extrovert Boy get their information.

Right now, this idea is just in the idea phase and who knows if it will go anywhere. Still, I personally would love to make this. Would anyone read it?

What kind of adventures would an introverted superhero have?
Well let’s hope Introvert Girl’s adventures aren’t so… short.



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  1. The comic sample you provided is very funny. I died laughing at it. My question for you though is with every superhero their are supervillans. Who do the introvert and extrovert have to stop from doing wrong? What forces of evil can introversion and extroversion prevent. Some of the introvert and extrovert weaknesses are obvious but what are some of their non-obvious weaknesses and strengths? Just some food for thought.

  2. Ok so first of all, I would definitely read that! Please let us know when and where you publish this!
    Reading the previous comment I had the following idea:
    Maybe introvert girl and extrovert boy could be rivals in the beginning? Just something small like “who solves the theft of Mrs. X cat faster” or something like that. And they really start to dislike eachother because they steal eachothers victories (and maybe they have to prove that introversion / extroversion is better than the other I don’t know). But then the ultimate villan arrives and they realize that they have to work together to defeat him/her. And along the way they always fight about wether or not the method of the introvert or the extrovert is better!
    You obviously don’t have to do any of these things but that’s what came into my mind!
    Good luck with your project I’m looking forward to reading it!

  3. First of all, any idea is a good idea and you have a great start! So, I think you should do it.I’m not very familiar with comic but I’m a screenwriter so I can help you the storytelling aspect. Firstly, I love superhero genres and I think it’s really cool how you are reaching out to people based on personalities. The comic sample you provided was very sharp and witty. To move forward, I think you should consider having an overarching arc? You have a story that involves teamwork, which means there will definitely need to be communication and compromising. So, I think it’s best that you clearly understand characters and see the pros and cons to their relationship to one another. And I wonder/am excited to see how they will team up despite differences. And with superheros, there will be villains. What I would like (feel free to disagree) to see is for the villains to be something that really threatens both of them personally as a extrovert and introvert. Overall, I think it’s a unique idea. Your dialogue is humorous and I can sense that there will be poignant, inspiring moments. I wish you good luck moving forward!

  4. As a fellow introvert and as a fiction writer, I am very much interested in your initial ideas for your web comic. I am particularly eager to see how you will carry out your ideas of using introversion and extroversion as superpowers and not handicaps. After all, aren’t they what make up a human’s identity?

    I am also intrigued as to how you will develop the social realism you created, that is the combination of extroversion, introversion and ambiversion in the same sphere. Kudos to you these characters as it is closer to what is occurring in today’s society.

    However, as you write, be cautious of one tool that writers use too much often, that is clichés and stereotypes. The latter often makes a story seem generic and unoriginal. That being said, use stereotypes to your advantage; take a stereotype and build a derivative original idea around it. For instance, take the concept of social isolation and create something unexpected, say a behavior that is not assumed of an introvert. This effort in creating unique ideas risks propelling your comic to higher views and comments.

    You and your story have great potential so do not be afraid to let your imagination flow!

  5. This is such an amazing idea!! I would totally read this, and I hope it gets made into a show so I can watch it too! Could you divulge their origin stories? What made them want to be super? Also, where did this idea originate from?


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